BSOW: No Tricks, Just Treats

Man, have I got a treat for you today!! Great ready to grab ahold of your taste buds because today’s BSOW is a chef. Yep. And she is sharing her BEST recipes with you today.

All I can say is that I can’t wait to try the slow cooked goodness of Italian sausage soup or even this tempting soup that could be considered a stew! I could easily see my day starting out with these scrumptious pancakes, too! She’s even got a pork roast recipe that will seriously make you reconsider having turkey for Thanksgiving. She’s even got a link up to the best recipes in the blogosphere!

And, she’s not always about posting recipes. She’s got useful information about eating and self-image too, among other things.

I love that she calls herself the Lucky Wife. She blogs all this goodness at The Saturday Evening Pot.

This week, I asked the Lucky Wife: “If you were a character in the Wizard of Oz, which one would you be and why?”

Here’s her response:

” If I were a character in the Wizard of Oz, I would be Glinda, the good witch.  That may sound like a boring sort of choice, but here’s why… as a Christian, I seek to live my life by faith, which includes growing in the fruit of the Spirit, and one of those fruits being goodness!  Our pastor is preaching through the fruit of the Spirit, so I think this is also on my mind right now.”

How fabulous is that? I think, with the chaos that has been my life lately, I’d settle for  the role of a flying monkey these days. Haha.

So, now that you’ve met the Lucky Wife, here are the necessaries you need to make her a regular part of your life, because you know you really wanna. She totally rocks–in and out of the kitchen!

You can find her on Facebook. You can find her on twitter too. You can even find her on pinterest.

Have a great weekend. Monday, I’ll give you the scoop on the first week of NaNo.

By the way, I’m the guest post at the fabulous blog, Just.Be.Enough. I’m talking about life with a hearing impairment and my own personal struggle to be enough in the midst of it all. I’m very honored to be a guest over there today.


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