Fact or Fiction Friday: Saying Goodbye

It’s time for Fact or Fiction Friday where I reveal something about me, my life, or my family and you guess if its fact or fiction.

Last Friday I said:

With the arrival of my stepsons, Spectre and Casanova, my life has turned upside down in a good way. Their decision to move in with us permanently has been an enrichment as much as an adjustment. It’s a happy move for all of us (Jellybean is adjusting just fine, in fact, her hording and sneaking of food has seemed to disappear) but it’s also time-consuming. While they are good kids, they have issues that come with not having food, steady electricity, and basic overall neglect. School is almost out, and my time will again become limited. This will be the last Fact or Fiction Friday, at least until fall.

Well, as you can see, technically its fiction because I did indeed post another today, however the words behind it are true. I am taking pause from the meme for the summer. Thanks for having fun with me and hopefully we’ll have more fun with it in the fall.