>BSOW & The Year in Blogging


Today I have a very special treat for you. Many of us enjoyed feeling the Christmas spirit through the eyes of our little ones. Today I’m sharing my ice cream with a bonafide teenager. It’s been awhile since I’ve viewed the world with teenage eyes, but I can tell you, these posts take me back. They’ll take you back too…
Getting to Know You (I love learning all these facts about her!!)    Dreams    Am I Lying? (Like 2 Truths & a Lie!!) Sibling Survey  (so funny!) How to Care for Your Pet (Rock)

She’s even a budding photographer!!

Please welcome The Kekster (Who also happens to be the daughter of my 2 Truths partner in crime, CA Girl) to The Scoop on Poop. You can read all about her special post about her Christmas she wrote just for us here.

The rest of this post is dedicated to you, my readers. It is filled with your comments and love (credit goes to A Belle, A Bean & a Chicago Dog for this idea), your humor, and your support. Without you, my blog would be boring, seriously. Thank you for your love.


That makes me want to punch somebody, and by somebody I mean that lady. What a sick, sick thing to do. Also I’ve read that snorting a shark’s testicle will clear that snatch stank right up…or was that for crack itch…”

“Now let’s talk about your snatch stench…is this a musky type of thing or more of a flower gone bad type of thing? Okay, that was disgusting…Sorry, but you started! I love your post-it note thing you got going on. Just curious are they made from recycled paper cause I’m environmentally conscious, you know?”

“…don’t you worry – your snatch scent fund is growing every day! and we’re going to do a live telethon. i’m gonna see if george clooney will host it…”

“I shaved my legs tonight (March 3, 2010) for the first time since the end of September. Yep, true story! The razor was new, now beyond dull….”

“Pickin’ and a flickin’ and then a finger lickin’. Kids and boogers it’s just a fact a life:)”

“You have an obsession with poop. He has an obsession with weiners. You’re killing me. Lots of laughs going on over here! “

“You totally had to look up how to spell supah callah fragah listic expe allah docious didn’t you ?? <— look i didn’t.. and i spelled it even BETTAH. :)”

“Lol. Pardon me while I pick myself up off the floor. She is hilarious! I nearly busted a gut. LOVE IT!”

“oh, thanks a lot. now how am I supposed to see the keys through the tears???

I tell ya, that was one of the most beautiful, beautiful things I”ve read on loving our children ferociously. That piece of writing is a marvel and has to become part of something something HUGE I don’t know what,but HUGE.

incredible and here I go again and gush gush but ohemgee, that was something I could never read a loud without my voice breaking. standing O over here, girl, that was sheer shining other worldly.”

“Okay, I think my favorite moments by FAR were the disclaimers, rofl”

“It’s like having your own secret garden!”

“Your bra feels so proud right now!”

“It really is the catch all. Today, I was taking a shower and there was sand, crumbs and a lego….a LEGO? How did I not notice that one? Love it!!”

“My fam gets ants in their pants and refuses to leave their tongues in their mouths. Frustrating.”

“Wow…Jellybean did some dishes? LOL.”

“enough about poop, you’re the shit! “

“You only find time to read when you poop? Why am I not surprised? lol That’s hilarious. Sounds like me! Oh and you know what? I had a crush on the same guys! lol

“I have a migraine right now. I do want to smack him. What was he thinking?”

“‘I’m still dying from this line: “I’m glad you like the poop. I’m glad you have smelled my poop and found it sweet.” I don’t know if you meant for it to across that way or not, but it cracked me up! lol “

aww, this is so sweet. sometimes, the one we want is not the one we were destined to be with. good thing you gave him another chance.
you sure have saved a lot of cab fare :)”

“Our two year olds would be dangerous together. I blame it all on the dimples.”

“LOL! Already a player! Too funny. You poor thing…:o)”

“She looks hardcore, the perfect look for a true hip hop dancer! :)”

“Nothing like a little slice of reality to make you laugh! Hahaha.”

“I could have used this yesterday and today. The little one pooped in the tub and then today refused to wear underwear or a diaper. That was pretty icky to clean!”

“You are a story teller for sure! And you have an interesting life.”

“i think the second one is a lie. right, i’d rather think of you as adopted (who turned out amazingly well) than karaoke-singing deaf mom…
i know, i’m sick. it’s the pill talking…”

“Great photos! Glad the cow was wrangled back into the pasture. Can you imagine the trail of poop it would’ve left all over the place? Eww!

Good luck this weekend. I’ll be waiting to hear from you before sending out the troops.”

“I am speechless! Dirty diapers everywhere? WTF?! I would have put them in a box and shipped them to her with a sticky note attached: I sent your stuff back, now gimme my shoes! Haha.”

“OH NOOOOOOOO THEY didn’t! HAHAHA! Hope Scooby gets his shoes back! (they weren’t rolled up in one of those poppy diapers, were they?)”

“You mean carrying around a cardboard picture of Edward is wrong?”

“Oh boy…there starts the attitude. Sigh, I’ll be prayin for ya :o).”

“in the midst of all the poop, you’ve got some really great writing going on here! i love it!”

“I haven’t been around to fling poo at anyone. I have been an absentee blogger. But I am back baby! So let it fly!”

“Eww… but what does not kill you makes your farts stronger. lol”

“My head is seeping from all of the bull shit you’re feeding me mom…”

“It says, “step away from the computer and supervise your children!” Not that I would know or anything like that..just…heard about these mothers that blog …and stuff.”

“Captain UnderPants’s younger brother; Captain PullUps!”

“Oh how I miss money. And clean hair.”

“LMAO at Mexican on the 1st date. Exactly what me and hubby did. HAhahaha. I didn’t even think about the farting aspect. LOL”

“And you are still together?? awesome!! Amazing!! are you crazy?? lol..I’m kidding! At least for you it started weird and ended good. For me…it started good…and ends with me wanted to smack him before bed each night 🙂 At least I love him.”

“It’s decided… husband will have to give up video games before we have kids.”

“That is off the charts in the awww factor of the day!”

“I never had my own car. I married into my husband’s. 🙂 It’s a flashy 1997 Ford Escort, yo. Complete with various dents from our own brushes with disaster.”

“Oh yeah. The sneeze still happens to me. sometimes it brings its friends, the xplosive fart and shartman. Not sensational.”

“I have said before that you know you’re a mom when – you go to the dentist and think, Well, at least I get to lay down.”

“i’m holding my bladder as we speak, just to say i’ve missed you, too 🙂
okay, now i really have to go pee….”

“I love that in the time it would take to get the damn TP, he sent you fifteen billion texts. Men. 
And, ick on the smell.”

“hahahhah too funny-my man cannot poop in public places, and does not even want anyone to hear him when he is at home so he turns the shower on-“

“I don’t know which is more disturbing: that you’re blogging about this or that he was texting from there. Toss-up! lol”

“this post stinks! lol i had to! and i concur, definitely full of poop!”

“Dude. Where have you been all summer? Hanging out with your kids or something?! Jeez…priorities. Blogging, reading my blog, THEN kids. Anyway, looks like you guys have been having fun. Even without me which I’m not even sure is possible. You’re probably faking it, right?!”

“I never understood why Snoopy slept on top of his house. I was a little jealous…that was before I was old enough to realize no-one wants to sleep on top of their house.”

“Now…I will say number 1 is the lie, I won’t remember that I said #1, but I choose #1 because why would you keep reading a book if you hated it. Unless you hated it in that sense that it was intense and you couldn’t wait to see the end!! I still say #1. Do you think I will remember that I said #1 now that I’ve said it a bunch of times???”

“You build that tension so nicely. Ugh, alleyways are always bad news. I felt like screaming at the woman “Don’t go in there.” 

I’m that person who does that at movies. The one you want to strangle.”

“I am seriously glad to hear that the music really DOES play right before you see the shark. Now I can relax at the beach, and rent an umbrella like you!”

“I should post a pic of the toilet because Sarah got potty trained and that made the summer the best!”

“jelly bean’s a fifth-grader? pretty soon, she’ll be going out on boy-girl parties and dates. are you ready?

wait, is that you screaming in the distance? :)”

“I’m guessing from the blog name that you’re lying about poop. Whose poop? I don’t know!”

“Wow. I was holding my breath through your entire post. What a road you’ve traveled down. I love when you said, you would not lose her. That’s what it’s about, you know. The meds will change her life, but it was your mother’s love and tenacity that is her ultimate life saver. I wish you and her and your family all the luck and blessings in the world. With you at her side, she’ll do just fine.”

“Oh doo dah day, I can’t believe it! Now you need to come up with the Neighbor of the Year award. For some reason, I’m thinking it looks like a giant bull mastiff taking an elephant sized poop in his yard.”
“Have you considered pushing your neighbor in??”

“damn straight about the asshat, my you’ve covered a lot here today! 

i just love to shoot the poop.”

“Holy crap!!! DO you want me to bitch slap him for ya? Cause I totally would.”

“You did such a beautiful job with this. I hadn’t thought of the Super Bowl Shuffle or buttercups in years.”

“If you need help bamboozling her back, I’m available. 
Just putting that out there.”

“Oh man some of those need a rating. hahahaha. The laundry one is classic. hahaha. And well that fart one…BHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

“Too funny! Plus now I don’t feel so alone. I’ve been certain that my laundry is plotting against me for some time now!”

“oh those little turds. love them!”

“Whoa! I was about to rat you out. Not really. But, I did think you were about to tell us all you were taking up bootleg video making if the blogging thing doesn’t pan out!”

“I haven’t pooped in the poopy pot in two whole poopy days. So I need a poop colored coffee drink to help me poop because all these poopy pants told me that pooped colored Starbucks drinks helps you to poop in the poopy pot. I’m sure like to take poops at Starbucks. I bet they have a excellent poopy pot. :o)

-The Poopy McNeedtoPoop Pooper”

“The only problem with Starbucks? Is that coffee? Makes me poop. A LOT of poop. And since coffee is typically consumed first thing in the morning, it is often not a conveniently timed poop. It’s more of a workplace poop. I do not like pooping in the workplace. I feel all my other coworkers are silently calling me “Poop Girl.” Trust me, you do NOT want to be known as The Girl who Poops a Lot. Just sayin’.”
“There’s a lot of poop talking happening here…heh”
“Oooh…midnight is approaching. Are all of the poop comments in? Who is the poop king or queen? We will find out soon enough :)”
“I am VERY excited that I won, and a little sorry that you can now say you’ve been stalked. I guess I can now say that I have stalked someone. Not sure that was on my list of top 50 things to do before I die, but hey…at least it was for a good cause :)”

“But what do we do with the children whilst we’re hanging at Buzzy’s?”

“A) That made me laugh…really hard.
B) I love Penis and Perb! I will actually record new episodes so I don’t miss anything. Hmmm…perhaps I should not tell people that.”

“BWAHAHAHAHA!!! Your kids are awesome.

Having a butt that sticks out is a good thing.”

“Mrs. Claus showed up? Well who the heck is supervising the elves?!?”

“I knew you kicked ass…this just confirms it!”

“You had me laughing out loud – America’s Most Wanted..funny”
Thanks for hanging out, leaving me such great comment love, and I’ll tip a glass to you tonight for another great year of laughs, crying, and friendship.

Please don’t forget to visit The Kekster and leave her lots of blog love!! 

See you NEXT YEAR!

>2 Truths & a Lie Thursday: Resolutions


Welcome! Tell 2 truths and a lie and make us guess which is the lie.
You’ve played this game before, so why not join The Scoop on Poop and CA Girl every Thursday by:
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2. Posting your 2 truths and a lie
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4. Reveal your lie the next week!
5. Visit others who link up and leave a comment guessing their lie.
It’s that easy!! You know you want to play!! Link up today!!
Last Week’s Fact or Fiction

1. My favorite present ever was an HP computer.
TRUE. My dad is not a gift giver. I have no memory of him giving me anything other than a hard time (and his last name) as I was growing up. The Christmas he surprised me with this computer is one I will ALWAYS remember. It was the new Pavilion Slimlines and I was SO thrilled.

2.  My favorite Christmas album is “The Nutcracker”.
FALSE. Haha, if you guessed #2 you were right. I actually own Martina McBride’s Christmas and a Faith Hill Christmas, but, I don’t own the ones I really want (yet). I grew up listing to Tennessee William’s versions (which I love) but I really really really really love the Boyz II Men Christmas album above all others.

3. My favorite Christmas special is “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”.
TRUE. I will never tire of this Christmas special as long as I live. What’s not to love? You’ve got Santa, Burl Ives, Yukon Cornelius, an island full of misfit toys, Bumble, an elf who wants to be a dentist, and a reindeer with a red nose. A movie of misfits made for misfits like me. 


2 Truths & a Lie
1. I will not put up with poop next year.
2. My most successful resolution was when I quit smoking for good.
3. I will be a better, more involved parent this year.
Can you tell the truths from the lie?
You know you want to play. What are you waiting for? 

Make your post then come back and link up here (linky will be open through Saturday!), then go visit other blogs and make your guesses.

Happy New Year!