About Us

Want to know about The Drama Mama family? Then you’ve come to right page.

The Drama Mama: I’m a mom, a chauffeur, a coach, a cook, a waitress, a maid, and a writer, with dreams of being published and on the best seller list someday. I like to laugh, especially since Life seems to throw A LOT of poop my way. I am loving life and so blessed to be able to stay at home. I blessed my children with blue eyes and an attitude.

George Clooney : The hubs. The typical man. He works hard for his family but doesn’t always grasp that whole family concept. He brings home the occasional flower and does gifts in a big way. Most of all, he is full of love. He can’t lie worth a damn, either.






The precocious preteen girl with ADHD/Mood Disorder. She loves dancing, singing, weaving, origami, playing sports and practicing debate. She is a fabulous big sister, loves reading, and has a style all her own. She found a new music love in One Direction and wants to be an architect when she grows up.






Scooby Doo:
The boy. He’s every bit of a 4 year old. He’s got big dimples and even bigger blue eyes that get him out of trouble on a daily basis. He is as sweet as they come and as snuggly as a teddy bear. He’s mommy’s big helper.






Specter and Casanova:
GC’s sons from a previous relationship that decided to move in with us and turn our lives inside out and upside down (and we love it!) Specter is a straight-edged, sweet-natured learning-to-drive 16 year old “punk” with a great head on his shoulders, a kind and caring spirit, and adored by his younger siblings. He plans to be an Air Force pilot with a backup career as a teacher or  engineering architect.
Casanova is a sensitive yet funny 14 year old boy who loves the opposite sex and is  always ready to make someone laugh (or laugh at someone). He is Jellybean’s “long lost twin” despite their 2 year age difference. He dreams of being famous someday as either an NFL player or a WWE wrestler.


Our family motto: Don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.

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