>Free Crap Cleaner Rave

>Confession. I have pc problems. It’s true. I have another confession. I have no patience when it gets slow. None. You’d think I would since I am a mom, but nope. I have none. zero, zilch, when it comes to the computer. So, a friend passed on this little link to me, and I am bowing in worship at her feet. This little tool cleans up my pc, dumps all the crap (i.e. poop, in honor of the blog) and makes it run like new again.

So, I have to share. Enjoy!

Crap cleaner


>General Poop

>It’s storytime. Gather around, grab a pillow, make yourself comfortable.

Scooby Doo is fantastic eater. He really is. He absolutely loves veggies. Green, red, yellow, orange, he’s not picky. He loves fruit. He loves almost any food.

Currently, his favorite food seems to be *drumroll* HOT DOGS. What is it with boys and weiners? (Of course, Jellybean likes tacos, but that’s a different story). He has never specifically asked for any food by name before, even if he didn’t say it quite right.

Tonight’s menu: hot dogs, Kraft blue box, and peas n carrots.

Jellybean stuck her nose up at the veggies of course, declaring in her loud, preteenish whine “I’m NOT eating dinner!” to which I happily responded, “Good, more for me and Scooby then.” Scooby must have heard this exchange because boy did he chow down.

He ate 2 hot dogs. The mac n cheese. Even cleaned his plate of peas n carrots. Then, he asked for “mo pease.” I loaded up the peas n carrots for him. He stopped and looked at me, and said “hot dog!” quickly followed by “pease!” So, he is downing his 3rd hot dog, and devouring his peas n carrots.

Going, going, gone…

He wants dessert! 3 hot dogs, 2 helpings of peas n carrots, and mac n cheese, and he still has room for more? Ok, so orange jello it is. With a side of John Deere Tractor shaped fruit snacks. All at once of course.

Even after he finished off the last tractor, and pushed his jello to the side, he still wanted more, with cries of “piffies!” echoing through the kitchen. This is a job only Finding Nemo can handle.

He even let me feed him the last of his jello. Grab a mop. I am a puddle on the floor.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Peace and quiet. Someone’s sleeping gooooooooooooooood tonight.