>Starbucks and Poop: Who’s In It to Win It?


See this? This could be yours with $25 worth of free, yummy, Starbucks on it. All you have to do is shoot the poop with me, until November 1, at midnight (so really, November 2). All you have to do is comment as often as you can, and use the word “poop” in your comment. It’s THAT easy. Plus, poop is a lot of fun to say. However shoots the poop the most (using the word poop) wins the $25 Starbucks.

If you need help, here’s a sample of some of the awesome comments I have received already this week:

“I hope she used her best “no soup for you” Soup Nazi impersonation when she rejected your request for a prompt? Great story about listening to life’s little messages. I’m glad you took your friend up. The world of journalism would be a different place without you 🙂 Poop. Poo. (not sure what that is all about but thought I would join in?)”

“oh my, when I read your blog, I about pooped my pants. And then when I saw that Starbucks was involved, another round of poop. “

“How do spidey & the angel poop in those costumes? Can’t be easy”

 See how easy that is? And you know, I’d REALLY like to send you that Starbucks. You look like you could use it. Pumpkin Spice Lattes are only in season for a little while. You know you want it…


>Red Writing Hood: Unwanted

>”That’ll teach you to feed the chickens when I tell you to!” Kane hears as he goes flying into the firewood stacked against the house from the force of his father’s fist slamming into his chest. His father was coming towards him. He wanted to run but he couldn’t breathe. He was tired of the never ending fists, the expected beatings, and the drunken chaos that his life had become since his mother died two years ago. He was tired of feeling like an incompetent fool that couldn’t do anything right. His fists curled up in balls beside him as he struggled to regain his breath, watching his father come closer, his own fists extended and ready to fly.

“I ain’t no punchin’ bag!” He flew from the firewood stack, grabbing a piece of wood as he went. “I’m tired of you! I’m tired of your fists! I am NOT a punchin’ bag!”

WHACK. His father stopped.

“I ain’t no punchin’ bag!”

WHACK. A sound similar to rain hitting the house is heard and he pauses for half a second, seeing the blood, but not really seeing it.

“I ain’t no igit!”

WHACK! A soft thump is heard as a heavy body hits the ground. softened by the pool of blood that is quickly forming.

“You cain’t do this no more! Get up, Mr. Tough Guy. Let’s see ya hit me now!”


“Nooooo! Stop! You gonna kill him!!! Stop Kane! Stop! Please stop!” Cat’s screaming caught up with Kane and he stopped just short of hitting her as she slid next to their father, and looked him over. “Why, Kane? Why?” She looked up at him for answers he couldn’t give. “Why?” Her tears spilled over her cheeks as she saw his mutilated face, and the log shaped dent on the side of his head. “Kane William Shaw! If he dies, I declare you dead to me. DEAD TO ME.” She picked up a piece of the splintered wood laying all around and threw it at Kane. “Poppa was right! You are evil! EVIL! How could you do this? How could you do this to your own daddy? Whhhhyyyyyyyyy?” She made a small whimper then laid her head down on her father’s chest.

Kane looked at what he had done, at his sister laying there at the side of their father, yet another person taking his father’s side. A growl erupted from his throat that shook Cat to the core, then he turned and ran into the hills behind the house.

I based today’s assignment on my character from last week’s story, as he made such a good villain before. Critique is welcome and wanted.