The Whole NaNoWriMo Truth

This time last year I took on a new project. I was terrified. I spent days belittling myself. I would push the words out, then go blank. I toiled on, even switching stories in week 2 that would flow along faster for me.

I did it. I wrote a novel in November of last year.

The moment I hit “publish” at NaNoWriMo and saw the word count pop up and crown me an official winner is priceless.

The feeling you get is exhilarating. It puts everything in perspective for you. It is a HUGE ego boost because you can claim something that probably most of the people you know in real life can’t.


I did.

And that book is in current revision, with beta readers waiting on the sidelines to offer their constructive criticism. By June, I hope to have my first novel published, whether that be through self-publishing or through an agent (and wouldn’t that be grand?!).

The truth is, I am excited. I have worked hard to realize I am good enough to write a novel. I am good enough to get it edited, and I am good enough to publish it.

This has nothing to do with the words contained within the book. The book may never go anywhere. And yeah, that matters in its own way, but the truth here is very simple.

The truth is, when you look at the big picture, I am enough. And that is all that matters. Thank you, NaNoWriMo for helping me realize that.

And just to let you know, you can expect the sporadic posting to continue this month. I’m focusing on NaNo, but the Friday BSOW will still be going on, and I’ll do some blogging about the NaNo too. I’ll miss you, but that only makes us fonder of each other, right? 😉


BSOW: The Naked Truth

This week’s Best Scoop of the Week has an awesome statement on her blog. It explains the meaning behind her blog title, and it is perhaps the one serious note in her blog. Otherwise, no matter what the topic, from Mboob to speeding tickets, from blind dates to werewolves (yes, I said werewolves!), from bunnies to chapped cheeks, to America’s Most Wanted Dachshunds, she keeps the humor coming.

This week I am sharing my ice cream with none other than Grace of Looks Great Naked.

Her statement is so very true I wanted to share it with you: “You look great naked when you have nothing to hide, when you accept yourself exactly the way you are — right here, right now, flaws, wrinkles, knots, bumps, lumps, bad attitude and all. It’s not a pass for slacking on the maintenance; it’s about not obsessing over perceived imperfections.

Be yourself. Who you are is gorgeous; trying to be what you’re not isn’t.”

Amen sister!!

So, in favor of Halloween coming up on Monday, I asked Grace “”Would you rather be a vampire, a werewolf, a ghost, or a witch for the rest of your life and why?”

Her very smart response is:

“When I was seven years old, I got my first professional haircut.  I think my mom took pity on me because my last name was Adams and I had as much hair as a wooly mastodon on my head.  My think glasses earned me the name Cousin Itt.  To freshen up my image, mom took me to get a shag haircut, which was the rage way back in 1974.  I got home and was all proud of my new look until my little brother said, “You look like a werewolf.”

So while I’ve played a few scary Halloween creatures in my lifetime, I can’t say I’ve actually been offered the choice.  And given the choice, I have to go with the witch.  Not because I dig being green.  Or because I’d probably enjoy having a witch license where my personality is concerned.  It’s because I wouldn’t have to do a darn thing with my hair. “

You can also find Grace on Facebook and twitter @graceadamslive. Have a great weekend, friends. This week’s BSOW was a real treat!