BSOW: Of Chickens, Frogs, and Picket Fences

This week’s Best Scoop of the Week is inherently funny. Seriously. She’s got a way with words that amazes me. She knows the meaning of real love. She’s got quite a pair of ladies that keep her company. She’s got a hairy point of view.

She’s got friends with an amazing flair for gifts. She’s got the inside scoop on kissing. And she’s in the know on paying it forward.

Who is this creature you ask? It is none other than Kimberly of Rubber Chicken Madness!!

And she kept her answer short and sweet when I asked her: If someone were to write a headline about your life, what would it be?

Her response?

My life isn’t made up of white picket fences and happy endings. And for a long time I wished that it were.

How perfect. Have a great weekend!!


Someone Cares

You see them all the time. They are here, there, on the Oprah show, on Anderson Cooper. These stories touch your heart. You see them and you think to yourself “Man, what a restoration of faith in humanity.” And you would be right.

But, every once in a while, there’s a story that really just grabs you and sticks with you. You realize that you played a role in it, even if it was miniscule. You read about it and the tears just start rolling down your face. You are not only feeling the grace of humanity, but of your local community as well. You are regaled by the stars and athletes that reached out, reminding you that they are human too.

We recently had such a story here. A little boy has terminal brain cancer. He is living his final days. He just turned 12 on September 5, 2011. His only wish?

To know people cared.

What started with a teacher’s Facebook post has turned into truckloads of people who care. John Cena cares about this little boy. Miles Austin cares about this little boy. College football teams care about this little boy.

People care about this little boy.

My church cared about this little boy, and had a hand in making cards for him. My daughter got to see firsthand what it is like to extend your love to someone else, just because.

She came home from school the other day. She said to me “Mom! Remember that boy we made cards for at {youth group}? He was in the paper!!”

She was beaming from ear to ear. Priceless.

So, now I pass it on to you. Read the story. Send him a card. Make one little boy’s last days that much happier. Show him {and the rest of the world} you care. You will want to. Your kids will want to help. It will make him smile.

It only takes one person to renew someone else’s faith.