>Guest Blog: You Can’t Help What You Love

>Please welcome back Angelia from Living, Loving, Laughing. Check out her interview here. Have a wonderful weekend!!

Living, Loving,Laughing

“Love” and “restriction”.

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of love and restriction is food. Yes, food.

Hey, it’s better than my second thought, which was the time I got grounded from my first car, a week after I got my driver license. Not for one week. Not for two. It was for SIX MONTHS of restriction. I have videos of the car set to the song, “Cry Little Sister” from the Lost Boys soundtrack. It was THAT bad. What kind of parents do that to a teenager after giving them a CAR for their 16th birthday? Apparently mine, because the LOVED me. Longest six months of my entire life. Still painfully clear twenty-three years later. So you see? Forget the second thought, let’s go with the first one. Contemplative cuisine; the snacking, shoveling, and wolfing of it.

I LOVE food. Any kind of food, in any way. An array of delicacy to have affairs with.

Pasta, seafood, sushi, steak, bread, chocolate, dairy, fruit, fast food, slow food, and any kind of mexican –  any kind of bakery goods. Fried, baked, buttered, battered, or grilled – doesn’t matter. Like I said, any kind; any way.

I can’t even cook. I am a foodie at the mercy of the many fine chefs mastering in their nummy kitchen heaven in the comfort of their domains.

God love em’.

By the way, my sixteen-year old daughter wants to be a chef when she grows up. Coincidence?

I read somewhere that you only savor the first bite or two of jubilant noshing, and after that you are just eating on auto-pilot inhale. Not me. I savor every morsel. Every one. With pleasure. With rapture. With complete and utter devotion to the chew.



See, here is the scoop. Food lovin’ makes me gain weight. My tummy bloats. I get heartburn. It clogs my arteries and gives me muffin top. Well… bigger muffin top (and bigger). Even though I’d like to eat a gazillion calories a day. If I did that, I’d be movable by Mack truck only. So, I restrict myself. Sadly. Tearfully. Does anyone feel my pain?

That’s my restriction – the love of nummy, yummy food.

Thanks DramaMama for a lovely visit. It’s been great. Now, if you’ll excuse me. I hear a Reese’s cup calling my name.

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>BSOW: When Nature Calls


It’s Friday!! Woot Woot Woot!! I’m always excited for Friday, even though my days don’t change much over the weekends. Maybe I’m always so excited about Fridays because I get to introduce you to some really awesome bloggers? Yeah, that must be it, and this week’s Best Scoop of the Week is no exception.

She’s learned how to “Go big or go home“. She gives you fantastic advice on raising happy teenage girls.
She know how to make the most out of a day. She knows how far it is to Heaven and she shows you the way. (this is a must read. It is filled with gorgeous pictures and a great philosophy). She’s got an interesting view on family. She’s even had an attitude changing moment. Her car dancing abilities are what caused me to get a deep blog crush on her. She’s just awesome.

I’m incredibly pleased to introduce you to Angelia of Living, Loving, Laughing.


If you could CTRL ALT Delete one moment from your life and start over, what would it be?

I have asked myself this very question, many times. What would I change if I could? What is my redo moment? My world is a ball of clay that I can reform by just a crumpling it up and starting over.

I could buy that winning lotto ticket, instead of the losing one. 

I could become that Eastern Airlines flight attendant, instead of not being employed when their strike ended in 1989.

I would have picked the other guy at the bar, and gone flying in a helicopter, instead of selecting to hang with the man who became my second (horribly abusive) ex-husband.

Or that moment of free-fall, when I didn’t see the sidewalk end, but stepped off into air. That is, until I feel straight forward, and broke my wrist in not one, but two places. I had to wear a cast for seven weeks, while working in a job that requires typing all day.

The things I could to with a ctrl+alt+delete life moment.

But no, changing something major would make me a different person. I’d have a different life. I’d be in a different town, home, or relationship. All the things I would have missed that have made me – me.

No, I know what moment I would change. It’s not any of those. It was a moment of desperate need. I had my iPhone in my pocket, earphone mic plugged in. My mom was on the line and I was talking hands free through the mic. One of our weekly (or every few days chat), and it wasn’t quite over. But, I had to go. You know? Number one. And I could not hold it any more, but mom was going on and on and on.

I’m doing the tee tee dance outside the bathroom door.

Finally, I think to myself – just go – she doesn’t care. She is my mom for goodness sakes. And I did. Oh I did. And it was SUCH a relief. Ahhhh…..

I was in so much bliss. I wasn’t being very observant, so when I turned around to flush the toilet – it was THAT moment. My ctrl+alt+delete moment. My iPhone slide out of my pocket and plopped right into the toilet. Not only just the toilet, but the toilet that was full of wee.

What seemed like slo-mo, I snatch my precious iPhone out of the bowl by the earphone mic cords. It flew up, sparkling and soaked.

Nooooooooo! It was a second. It was only a second in the water. The top was plugged by the earphones. Please, be alive, please be alive, please be alive.

I am drying it off gently, like a I have a newborn babe. I use an anti-bacterial wipe to gingerly swipe the wee away. I am about to give it mouth to mouth, but it works. It’s breathing.

My joy is short-lived as I see the water stain under the screen….spreading…..

infecting, and drenching the delicate parts that make my iPhone a part of my hands.

It worked two more weeks, then died for good. My only option was to buy a new one. Warranty does not cover water damage.

When I took it into the Apple store, the man said there was still water inside it when he opened it up. Gee, I hope he washed his hands after, if not, maybe that’s HIS ctrl+alt+del moment, yes?

Thanks for hanging out at my place today, Angelia. Let’s all show her some love at Living, Loving, Laughing. Don’t forget to stop back in tomorrow for her fabulous guest post. I can’t wait.
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