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Before we get started I want to thank The Drama Mama for having me here today. I sent out a Tweet asking if anyone wanted to trade guest posts and she replied right away and asked if I would share something at her place today. This is the first time that I’ve guest posted in a while and I am very happy that she was willing to have me. Thank you. (and I am very excited to have her here!!)

Writing whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, in a journal, on a blog, or just in a notebook is one of the greatest forms of expression… or at least I think so.

I love writing and always have. As a child I would come up with all sorts of imaginative stories complete with colorful pictures to go with them, but as I got older I wrote less and less. Much of that lack of writing was due to all the schoolwork that I had to do, but that didn’t dampen my love of literature.

I would read book after book into the late hours of the night often with a flashlight or a small lamp dimly lit so my parents would not see that I was still awake. It wasn’t uncommon for me to read until 2 or 3 in the morning just to finish a book that had fully captured my attention.

Now that I am an adult I have once again started writing and it is only because I started a blog I think and if it weren’t for blogging I don’t know that I’d ever start writing again.

Fiction is where my true love lies. There is something about letting a story flow out of your fingers tips as they grace the keys of my computer. It’s similar to reading where you can escape into another world, another place, another time, and into someone else’s life for a little while. The difference is you don’t know when or how the story will end and you control every twist and turn of the story.

I’ve realized that there is a great deal to writing whether it’s fiction or not and that to do it well you have to write, write, and write some more always going back to edit what you’ve written. Practice does make perfect.

Some may say that it’s just like riding a bike… jump back on and you’ll be riding like you always did. I don’t feel that way though. After having taken such a long break from writing it was hard to get started again my skills and imagination had grown rusty over the years. I had so much to say but getting the words out was difficult… my sentence structure was (and still is at times) terrible, run on sentences are my thing, and getting great description is tough.

None of this has stopped me though because I love writing and creating something with my imagination. I found a community of some the greatest writers at Write on Edge and they’re supportive and helpful at every turn and for that I am grateful.

Do you like writing? Do you write fiction or want to? I highly suggest that you take a look at some of the amazing writing that is linked up at Write on Edge each week.


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Guest Post: Micro-apocalyptic Monday

I own a restaurant. I would never, ever, ever advise anyone to open a restaurant. Unless you don’t want a life. Or friends. And limited family time.

And if you insist you must do so, make sure your spouse is a practiced handyman/woman. Sometimes, that will save you some cash. Sometimes.

My day actually started last night, Sunday. Or maybe it was 2 months ago when we acquired the demon possessed microwave. Hey, it was twenty bucks, and who knew?

Our first clue should have been when the turntable would spin in happy circles all by itself. If we stopped it to warm a biscuit, it would sit there all dark and do-nothing. After several door slammings and button clearings and restartings, it would finally run for the 22 seconds we begged for, to warm the damn biscuit.

Then about a month ago, it started throwing the breaker. The same breaker that operates the outdoor neons and the vestibule light. So between random spinning and refusal to operate, we were constantly resetting the breaker.

So I had my husband, the handyman, replace the breaker. After which, none of the above worked. So we had to make the toaster share an outlet with the microwave. They got along most of the time. But the lights still didn’t work. Poop.

Getting to last night…husband went to the restaurant after closing to “fix” the wiring. He ran new wire, installed a new outlet. Put the microwave on it’s very own breaker, no more sharing.

He plugged it in. It started spinning happy circles all by itself. After several door slammings he got it to stop. Then set it for 22 seconds. POP! went the breaker. And evidently the fuse in the microwave as well. It would no longer run at all. Dead reactor. Crap.

I was torn about this. I wasn’t sad about losing a demon possessed microwave. However, microwave shopping at 10:00pm wasn’t on my list of fave things to do. But Wait! I have an extra microwave at home. I can get it there in the morning. By 5:00am. TA DA!

Actually it was closer to 5:45am. I did get my book work done early. And this microwave didn’t spin without permission. And I got home way earlier than usual. In time for the husband to go back and fix the other outlet. Again. All good.

Until the phone rang. New breaker. Checked wiring. Plugged in the microwave. Display lit, with no demon-y dancing. Set the timer for 22 seconds. POP! went the breaker. And evidently the fuse in the microwave as well. It would no longer run at all. Dead reactor. Shit.

He’s microwave shopping as I type.


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