>Guest Blog: P-Jammie Good Time

>Please welcome back Carrie from Meant to Be Mom.

Christmas Jammies

Turkey has been eaten, cleaned up, and eaten again.  Shopping has begun, wrapping isn’t too far away, and the never-ending quest for the “perfect” gift has started.  It’s officially the Christmas season.

Lines will be getting longer, patience will be getting shorter and time will seem like it is literally flying by.  In 4 short weeks, we will be unwrapping all the wrapped, exchanging all the ugly, and dieting from all the indulging, but until then…it’s the season to eat, drink and be merry!

For some, Christmas may be about the long lines and traffic jams, but for others its about the time spent with family and the memories being made.  For me, it’s about Christmas traditions.  It’s about the cookies and breads baking in the oven, the family gatherings, the names being pulled, the ornaments hanging on the tree, and the trips to visit Santa.  For me, Christmas is about Christmas jammies.

Growing up I would often ask my mom about the things her and brothers and sisters did around Christmas.  I wanted to know what traditions stayed the same, and what ones were new and different.  One of my fondest memories is of her recollection of Christmas jammies; new pajamas given on Christmas Eve for her and her siblings to wear to bed and open their presents in in the morning.  

My mom had 7 brothers and sisters, so this was no small task for my grandmother.  I love the idea of her out shopping for toys and games, but also keeping her eye out for the perfect pair of pajamas to match each of her children’s personalities and tastes.  I know she started this tradition for the logical purpose of having all of her kids wearing nice, clean, new pajamas for Christmas morning pictures, but for me it always symbolized a tradition, and one that I wanted to carry on with my children.

So, I went out this year and bought my son his (second) pair of traditional Christmas jammies.  I really wanted to go all out and buy my husband and myself a pair too, but I don’t know how I would honestly be able to pull off the striped stretch pant myself, and I can’t see my hubby sportin’ the reindeer top with a smile either…so we’ll stick with the “kid” for now.  

I picked out this pair with the same purpose my grandmother did all those years ago. I picked them out with him in mind- which explains the purchase of a size bigger (he’s a little running back).  I know that in the millions of pictures I take on Christmas morning, my son will be wearing silly reindeer pajamas, that will no doubt haunt me later as I bring these photos out to show him, and hopefully we will all be wearing smiles on our faces as we pass on a favorite family tradition- Christmas jammies!

What are some of your favorite family traditions?

And I feel compelled to add that this is one of our traditions too. We did this growing up, and I do it with my kids now, though the last couple of years, they have been getting their Christmas jammies a little early in hopes that a cute Christmas card can be made. 

And if I might add, Carrie has good taste in pjs. Scooby is sporting this pair too!


>Guest Blog: Life’s Little Traditions

>You met Melissa on Friday. Today she is back to guest post and talk about life and traditions. Let’s give a warm welcome to My Life and How It’s Going.

I love traditions. I live for them. I am a creature of habit. I crave routine. For me, traditions are a part of my life that enable me to embrace and express my need for order in a healthy way.

Within my family, we celebrate and take part in many traditions. Some are relatively universal and don’t require much explanation, while others are more distinct and unique to our family.

Here are a few of the traditions of my family:

  • The White Button-Down Shirt – Every year, we dress Hayden up in a white button-down shirt from The Gap. We started this on his first birthday and plan on continuing the tradition until he’s 18. He will grow into the shirt as he ages. It is adorable to see him grow and change as he wears the same shirt. It really is remarkable.
  • Christmas Ornaments – Every year since Hayden was born, we have dressed him up in his Christmas pajamas, taken his picture, and put the picture in a picture frame ornament and hung it on the tree. I think when he is older and he looks back at those ornaments, he will appreciate it. I always enjoy seeing myself through the years – hopefully he will too.
  • Pumpkin Family – Every year, we go to a pumpkin patch and pick pumpkins that represent each family member: Randy, Me, Hayden, and Alfie (the dog). We don’t carve the pumpkins, we simply place them on our porch and allow them to represent each one of us. It’s fun!
  • Triple Anniversary Celebration – Randy and I’s wedding anniversary is June 13th. My parents’ wedding anniversary is July 5th. My sister and her husband’s wedding anniversary is June 27th. Every year, we all get together and have dinner to celebrate our anniversaries. Hence the name of the tradition: Triple Anniversary Celebration.
  • Hayden’s Height – Since Hayden was 1, we have been measuring and documenting his height by marking it on his armoire with a black Sharpie. In addition to the height markings, we also take pictures of the process – that way we can look back and see what he actually looked like when the measurements occurred.
  • Dying Easter Eggs – For as long as I can remember, I have dyed Easter eggs with my parents. I have never done it alone. I have never done it with just Randy. We always go over to my parents’ home and do it with them. It is something I enjoy and appreciate – spending quality time with my family.
  • Engagement Anniversary – Randy and I got engaged on New Year’s Eve. Every year around that time, we make a point of going to dinner (just the two of us) to the same restaurant in which the engagement occurred. And although the restaurant itself has actually changed ownership several times, it remains a wonderful eatery – one that we will continue to patronize every year around our engagement anniversary. It’s nice to go back there and just remember that moment. Because it truly was a wonderful evening.

As you can see, I really value and appreciate traditions. They are part of my life – a central aspect of my being that I cherish and adore. They help to keep me stable – and for that, and for them, I am grateful.

What kind of traditions did you have growing up and which of them do you still follow today? Did you make up your own as you got older too?
Thanks again for guest posting today, Melissa!!