>A Typical Boy

>I find my 2 year old son, Scooby Doo, highly amusing. I mean, what mother doesn’t? Being 2 is the funniest age in the world, in my opinion. They are funny even when they don’t mean to be funny.

Case in point:

You know the saying that there’s only one thing on a man’s mind? This is definitely true for Scooby. Yes, I understand he is only 2, but it’s not what you are thinking (get your mind out of the gutter!!).

Well then, why do you say that? You ask.

I’ll tell you why. His favorite foods are (are you ready for this? Can you guess?) hot dogs, link sausage, kielbasa and smoked sausage. Yes. There you have it. He is destined to be “that” man with only one thing on his mind.

Often this works in my favor though. Example: if you jump over to my cooking blog, Kitchen Smack and check out my latest post you’d see I made something new involving kielbasa and soup. And Scooby is not a soup fan. This particular soup though?


And gone!

There were actually cries of “Mo pwease” filtering from the kitchen table for this one. You can’t beat that.

Even if he does have an obsession with weiners.

And, since it’s obvious that writing “poop” gives me the giggles, it should be apparent that my son’s obsession would send me into fits of tear-filled laughter that leave me catching my breath and laughing some more.

Yes, I am “that” mom.