From the Archives: Tale of the Sucky Vampire

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I will admit that I am a nocturnal creature. There’s just something about the night that enthralls me. As I get older though, nocturnal habits are beginning to create problems of their own.

I used to have this thing for vampires. Creatures of the night like me, the whole forbidden desires aspect, and that they kicked butt just held mucho appeal for me. Well, that, and aside from the red eyes, they are hella sexy too. Especially the vampires of late.

Today though, I would make a horrible vampire. Seriously. I’m not afraid to tell you why.

Here’s why The Drama Mama would make a sucky vampire (pun intended):

  • I would starve to death and my death would bring disgrace to vampires everywhere. And it’s not a squeamish to blood thing, either. Blood I can handle. My disabling aspect is that I am blind as Stevie Wonder at night. I can have a floor free of debris and a chartered course after I turn out the lights and STILL stumble over my no-longer-sleeping husband in the bed, 8 feet off the ground. This does not bode well for my nocturnal adventures to find fresh meat.
  • I would bring all the vampire hunters straight to the lair because of my not-so-subtle stomping. Seriously have you ever known a quiet deaf person?
  • My immortal years would end in early demise because if I didn’t starve to death, my old joints would never move fast enough to avoid getting caught. That’s if I could haul my fat butt fast enough to catch something in the first place.
  • I would disgust myself. I’m an Italian food lover, and anyone who knows anything about Italian food knows its heavy laden in the garlic. I wouldn’t be able to come or to go. I wouldn’t be able to stand my own flesh. Yet I would still eat that spaghetti.

The only thing that would make me stand out as a vampire is my aversion to sunlight. Really. I burn, not tan. It’s not pretty. So, I tend to avoid sunlight as much as possible, even though I have been told I sparkle.

So, tell me, what would make you a great or horrific vampire?

This week, one of the prompts asked us to go back in our archives and repost something from July 2011. This was posted July 5, 2011. This is the best post I had last summer I think–well that, and some eye candy, but we’ll revisit that one soon. 😉


Europe in 3 Days or Bust

So Monday I shared with you my dream day. Today, Mama Kat has given me unlimited money and 3 days to play, relax, and do whatever I want to do as long as I don’t leave my state.

I must state right from the start that 3 days is NOT enough time. There is so much to do here in VA that take you as close to DC as crossing the Potomac River to the borders of Tennessee, Kentucky, and North Carolina. There is something for everyone here, seriously. There’s a ton of history all over the state for the history buffs (and not just civil war either). The first president of the US was born and lived here. We claim Thomas Jefferson, Booker T. Washington, Pocohantas, Sandra Bullock, Warren Beaty, Willa Cather, Katie Courac, Virginia Dare, Patrick Henry, Stonewall Jackson, Robert E Lee, Rob Lowe, Wayne Newton, Missy Elliot, Walter Reed, George C. Scott, Timbaland, June Carter Cash, and a whole page of others that were born or lived their lives here. There’s theme parks to suit all tastes. There’s nature, zoos, and children’s museums. With so many places to visit and things to do, I promise you 3 days is NOT enough time.

I can prove it.

Two summers ago, we took a 3 day vacation. We chose Williamsburg as our main vacation hideaway, with intent to spend our last day at Va Beach, only 1.5 hours away. There’s so much to do in Williamsburg even that we still need to go back just to be able to say “We did it all.” And we never made it to the beach….

Day 1 consisted of the short drive to Williamsburg, locating our hotel, checking in, unloading, then hitting Busch Gardens. Our Busch Gardens is based on Europe and while there, we visited Italy, Ireland, Germany, Scotland, England, and France. It literally took us two days to enjoy the whole park. We’d chosen a package that included Water Country USA, and spent a day splishing, splashing, and sliding our way from one end of the park to the other.

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We enjoyed the parks, but were a bit disappointed we didn’t have time to visit Jamestown and see the ships there. We did drive into Williamsburg, and were a little disappointed there wasn’t much going on (but maybe we were looking in the wrong place).

There are so many great things to do, attractions to see, it can make vacation planning a chore! For our next “local” vacation, we are considering 2 options:

  1. Great Wolf Lodge
  2. Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park/Luray Caverns/Skyline Drive/Shenandoah National Park

Hmmm. Now that I think about it, Jellystone looks like it could fill a week with all the attractions around it….

We’ve got a tough decision ahead of us it seems. Which would you choose?

5.) You have a 3 day weekend to do anything you want with your family…money is not a factor, BUT you must stay in your own state. What would you do?