What’s Holding You Back?

Fear. It’s a four letter word. And sometimes, it belongs in that dreaded four letter word category—the thou shalt not say words that often slip through our lips before we can stop them.

In my case, fear is my obstacle. It’s the excuse I hide behind instead of standing strong when I need to. It’s the motivator behind my lack of social networking. It’s one of the greatest things behind what keeps me from being all I can be.

Then, the laziness sets in. The defeatist attitude. Fear is their boss and they earn every single one of their promotions, at least when I am their project. I let fear stop me from blogging the way I wanted to. I let fear impact my growth as a writer. I let laziness take over as I expect a publisher to fall in my lap instead of taking the time to research and find one. I let defeat keep me from the confidence that I am truly good enough, not matter what it is that I am doing.

Those little black clouds of self-doubt and loathing gather all too quickly when I’m having an off day, and sometimes, even when I’m not. And I let them win. Because feeling defeated is easier than feeling happy and confident. Because happy and confident is foreign. It’s like learning a foreign language, something I have to work extra hard out because well, it just doesn’t come naturally.

And I call myself a positive person. It’s so easy for me to see all the positives in everyone else’s lives, but mine?


Today, this moment, this hour, I’m grabbing that old baseball bat, the one reserved for those daring enough to ask my daughter on a date, and holding it steady, keeping my eye on that ball of defeat so I can knock it out of the park. There is no room for defeat, or laziness, or self-doubt and loathing in this life. I am a child of God, blessed beyond compare by my Heavenly Father. If he can care for the birds, he can care for me. Isn’t that awesome?

Let FAITH replace the FEAR. And the rest will follow.


BSOW: A Little Blue In My Corner


I am SOO excited to introduce you to today’s Best Scoop of the Week. In fact, I am SO excited, I gave her the WHOLE BOWL of ice cream. Yep. The whole bowl. I sure hope she likes neopolitan!!

I can tell you one thing I know she likes (actually I could tell you more than one) and that’s writing about Kimmy and David. When you stop by her place, make sure to take some vacation and dive into Kimmy’s world. You won’t regret it.

I can tell you she loves cupcakes. I mean she really really loves cupcakes. And shoes.

Did I mention she writes? Incredibly. In fact, I met her through a mutual writing group we participate in, Write on Edge (formerly called The Red Dress Club). She has this beautiful way of putting words together that make you feel and see and smell exactly what her characters do. She’s got great advice on the art of writing too, from her own struggles and experiences in doing it, and she writes it in such a way that it will just dazzle you. She makes it look SO easy!!!

And when she writes about her boys? Oh, I promise you, it will tug on your heart strings, make you smile. It will evict some emotion from you whether its bittersweet, sappy, funny, or sad. She will work her way right into your heart, just like she has mine.

And just when you really start to believe that she is an angel here on earth (Because she will make you feel 10 ft tall and bulletproof!), she’ll prove how humble she really is, how she has those days too,  and endear herself to you even more with a simple request: Remind Me.

She’s been published on Studio 30. She’s been syndicated by BlogHer. She’s one of the editors for Just.Be.Enough. She shares Proud Mommy Moments from around the web. She’ll make you feel like a rock star each time she comments on your page.She’s fun, she’s sassy, she’s a ray of sunshine that will brighten even the darkest day.

You know that one girl you knew in school that just everyone liked–the jocks, the jerks, the nerds, the brains, etc? Yeah, this is her.

I am so so so so excited (did I say so?) to introduce you to Kirsten, who writes in a little corner of the web she calls The Kir Corner.

I asked Kirsten if she were a crayon what color would she be, and she said:

If I were a crayon what color would I be….

Questions like this normally take me a long time to answer, because I just can’t decide. I love Yellow and Hot Pink.  I think that my heart if it were a color would be Yellow and my soul if it were a color would be HOT PINK. Yellow because it’s sunny and welcoming, warm and optimistic. Hot Pink for my soul because it’s girly and feminine but it SHOUTS, it “lives out loud” but it doesn’t push you away, instead it’s the kind of Pink that draws you in and offers you a comfortable chair and a Peach Bellini.

SO those colors live inside of me for sure, but I think when it comes down to it…If I were a crayon and a color I’d be one of the preschool crayons…big and round and easy to hold in your fingers…and I’d be a steel,  Carolina or Cerulean  BLUE

Those blues that remind you of summertime, wrap around porches, sprinkles on cupcakes and balloons against the sky. Blues that look so pretty next to yellow and Hot Pink and compliment rather than overshadow them. Blue is deep and thoughtful, blue is warm and inviting, blue is comforting. That is the way I see myself most days..as a compliment to other people, as a warm thoughtful and comfortable place for others.

And I know you have already started to fall for her. It’s so very easy to do. You can stalk her on Twitter and Facebook too. Have you seen her Pinterest boards? Ah-may-zing!! You can get her via Feedburner and Google + too!!!

What are you waiting for? Take a break in The Kir Corner. You won’t regret it.

Have a wonderful weekend!!