>Oh No She Didn’t: Lazy Momcation


So, yesterday I talked about all the fun things you can do at the beach when you are cranky. Ha. Today, we are back home in the safety of our little home. Now, I must make a confession.

I didn’t lie. I totally did leave GC with the kids in the ocean and pool all vacation and barely got myself wet.

Oh no you didn’t!! Yes, yes I did. And I’m so relaxed…well, I was until we got home again and life starts back up. Haha.

I even have proof…

I also mentioned something about seeing fins in the water and hoping we were not about to witness a shark feast a la surfer…

And, I totally told Jellybean, who refused to stop talking about sharks and getting freaked out, that she would hear the music before she sees the shark.

Oh no you didn’t!! Oh yes, I did.

I assure you, we heard no music before we saw this fin…

Oh yes. We got delighted by viewing a small school of dolphins swimming off shore from our hotel room balcony. The surfer in question was watching them play.

So, all in all, we had a great vacation. We laughed, we swam, we had a blast.

Good night.
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