PYHO: Forget the Chicken

Jellybean is safely tucked at camp.


Yep. All I paid was for the gas to get there.

And then? They gave me a $50 Visa card stating it was for “gas.”

And?? They added a $25 dining certificate with it.

You’re still looking at the FREE, aren’t you?

Yeah, I know you are, because those week long overnight camps are Exxxxxxpensive!! Am I right?

Jellybean is at Camp Corral. A camp sponsored by Golden Corral for the children of military families.

Vets included. No matter which branch you served under or how long ago it was.

Now that’s what I call class.

Our heroes… At last, someone is finally looking out for them. I still can’t get over all the provisions they’ve made and exactly how much they have to be spending on each family.


Forget the chicken. Honor your heroes. (and if you don’t care for buffets, you can still help by donating to the Camp Corral program.)


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