My Necessaries

This week’s project from Just Be Enough was to share 10 things that you need to be enough. When I first saw the prompt last Monday, I was like “oh! I can do this!” but as the day neared, and time got away from me, or I turned my attention to other things (like writing! YAY!)  I started to wonder if I could think of 10 things I needed. I have plenty of ups and downs; times where I feel less than enough and need a little extra support and times when I feel really good in the skin I’m in and the role I play as a woman, a mom, a friend, a daughter, a sister, and a wife.

On those days when I need a little extra, I know I can count on my best friend to cheer me up, offer me support, and also tell it like it is. She is not afraid to tell me when I’m “failing” and offers love and care to help me get back to that place I need to be to be able to do whatever is I need to do. She lends me her strength when I get exhausted dealing with the many moods of Jellybean, breaking up fights between Specter and Casanova, or when differences with GC get me down.

There aren’t enough words to even begin to explain what my stepsons do for me. They actually appreciate everything I do, right down to setting rules they don’t like but are happy to live with. Seeing them thrive and be happy for the first time in a long time–seeing them finally start opening up and be children, as they should be–that tells me I am enough.

So Item #1 that I need to be enough? My people. My husband, my kids, my friends, both online and off…

Item #2 is easy. I need to write to be enough. I lost my writing for a very long time. I don’t know how I survived. I need to write as much as I need lungs to breathe, or a heart to live. When I write that final word, seal that ending with a twist, I am enough. Even if days go by without a comment, I’m okay with that because writing meets my need to be enough.

So when I can’t write? If time is limited, my muse takes a vacation, or my kids won’t leave me alone? I’m all out of sorts.  I was born with a pen in one hand and an inkwell in the other. I need to write to be enough.

Item #3 is easy too. I need my God. He is the sole source of my strength. There is no way I could do this on my own. I tried for the longest time, and just kept failing, repeatedly. Once I waved the white flag and let God take over my life, He shows me on a regular basis that I am enough. I am loved. I am most definitely worth it. I mean how could I not be when He sacrificed His Son for me?

Item #4. Now it’s getting tricky. My life revolves around being a wife, mom, and writer. As I sit here thinking about the other areas of my life–the new ones–I start thinking about how different my life was before them. How lonely it was before I joined a bible study and made new friends that offer a new kind of support. Support for my spiritual as well as my emotional and physical. They have enriched my life in the short time I have known them.

I have come to realize I need them, too.

If I really looked hard enough, dissected the different areas of my life, I’m sure I could come up with 6 more things I need, but the bottom line is that the only thing I really need, no matter what, is faith. Faith in me because you know what? Even without anything else, even when I can’t find any immediate worldly support (because it happens), I am enough just having faith in me.

In the end, that’s all I need.

Wikipedia: write definition: to form (as characters or symbols) on a surface with an instrument (as a pen).


16 thoughts on “My Necessaries

  1. Thank you for #3. Going it alone hasn’t been working for me either. I just don’t know what to do or where to begin. My kid’s health is in crisis, so it’s hard to get it together to do anything extra right now.

    • That’s when you need Him most. Stretch your arms up to heaven and wait for His embrace. He won’t let you down. Take it one day at a time and hjust keep your heart open and your sights on Him. Tons of hugs.

  2. you wrote it all down. That’s like pinky swearing with your kids. You’ve got to do it all, now.

    so glad you’re writing consistently again.

  3. 🙂 Love this list. Writing is number one on my list. … I too lost my writing for a long time (over a year) and in that time I became so crippled emotionally, I literally found it difficult to function. Writing keeps me sane and keeps me whole. 🙂

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