Fact or Fiction Friday: The Baby Edition

It’s that time again. Time for another stretch of the truth or nothing but the truth, the whole truth. That’s right it’s time for another session of Fact or Fiction Friday. You can play along too but writing your own Fact or Fiction post and linking it up at the bottom of this one. You know you wanna because it just SO much fun!!

The last time with Fact or Fiction I told you:

I started on my role as a mother at an early age. I’ve had 3 pregnancies and 4 live births. I labored for over 36 hours with my first pregnancy, but never went into labor again. My first birth was drug-free and over within 45 minutes. All of my babies were breech.

The general consensus was divided between it being the truth and it being creative non-fiction. Those who claimed creative non-fiction were correct. Idid start on my motherhood role at an early age which did result in the birth of twin boys. The labor was long. I began at 6 pm on a Sunday evening at work and the first child arrived at 2:40 am Tuesday. The second child was then discovered and born at 3:25 am. Because I wasn’t due for another 8 weeks, and because of a huge error on my doctor’s part (said I had a UTI and sent me home with a prescription), there was no time to give me any drugs. When the first one was born, it was with such urgency that he wasn’t even born in a delivery room. We made a stop in the closest room and a push later, he said hello to the world butt first. His brother needed a little help, but he was finally born feet first with an arm over his head.

Jellybean was over a week late and perfectly content to stay where she was, in breech position, her feet planted firmly in the birth canal, the cord wrapped around her neck. Scooby was a scheduled c-section, arriving at 38 weeks and 6 days, head down, just as he should be.

So, all that just to tell you it was the very last sentence that changed the truth. All my babies were not breech.

Now, without further ado, it’s time to weave the next tale of fact or fiction.

With the arrival of my stepsons, Spectre and Casanova, my life has turned upside down in a good way. Their decision to move in with us permanently has been an enrichment as much as an adjustment. It’s a happy move for all of us (Jellybean is adjusting just fine, in fact, her hording and sneaking of food has seemed to disappear) but it’s also time-consuming. While they are good kids, they have issues that come with not having food, steady electricity, and basic overall neglect. School is almost out, and my time will again become limited. This will be the last Fact or Fiction Friday, at least until fall.

Do you believe me? Is this statement a fact or am I pulling your leg? You decide. Feel free to write your own fact or fiction post, and use my button. Leave your link in the comments so I can play along too!!



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