Late Enough

This is usually my “Just Be Enough” space, but I didn’t have time to focus and write something. I missed all the good stuff they are doing over there recently too. I do urge you to visit Just be Enough as often as you can.

As for the Drama household, we grew by 2 and its been really crazy around here. it was all I could do to dodge between the handfuls of poop that have been flying around here of late.

Jellybean is home and things are going well. We are giving in-home counseling another shot, as well as making some slight changes with her medications until school is over.

My stepsons, ages 16 and 14, have moved in. We could not be more happy. This is GC’s dream come true, though the circumstances surrounding it all are less than desirable. They seem happy and are thriving better than I expected after the life they’ve lived under.

Things are quieting down, life is smoothing out, and I will be back in full swing next week. Thanks always for the love and support you give me. it means the world to me!



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