Fact or Fiction Friday: Baby Fever

It’s that time again. Time for another stretch of the truth or nothing but the truth, the whole truth. That’s right it’s time for another session of Fact or Fiction Friday. You can play along too but writing your own Fact or Fiction post and linking it up at the bottom of this one. You know you wanna because it just SO much fun!!

Last week I told you: I planned my wedding in just 2.5 months time. Our wedding site was a charming community center beside the river. My colors were pink and brown. My one bridesmaid paid almost as much for her dress as I did mine. The guests were allowed to eat while we had our pictures done and I’m still mad about that today since when it was all said and done, the whole process cost us $1,400 with the biggest expense being food. We paid for everything ourselves.

Yep. This is all true, right down to the colors. It even had a “theme” of Two lives, two hearts, one love.

If I did it all over again, I wouldn’t change much. I can promise the guests wouldn’t be eating during our pictures either!

You want some proof? Here you go!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And now for this week’s Fact or Fiction:

I started on my role as a mother at an early age. I’ve had 3 pregnancies and 4 live births. I labored for over 36 hours with my first pregnancy, but never went into labor again. My first birth was drug-free and over within 45 minutes. All of my babies were breech.

So, what say you? Am I pulling your leg, is it mostly true, or all true? You decide and leave your guess in a comment.

Want to play along? That’s easy enough. Write a post revealing fact or fiction or a combination of both, add that snazzy little Fact or Fiction Friday button somewhere in the post, then come back here and link up the url to your post. It’s that easy!

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Have a fabulous weekend!!


7 thoughts on “Fact or Fiction Friday: Baby Fever

  1. I just tried commenting and was kicked off my own phone. Durnit. I will try again. I think false but only because it was a bit confusing. (and last week’s was false;). 4 births and 3 pregnancies. I didn’t see any twins in the photos. 4 births would then require 4 pregnancies. That’s my guess;)

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