Fact or Fiction Friday: Wedding Blues

It’s that time again. Time for another stretch of the truth or nothing but the truth, the whole truth. That’s right it’s time for another session of Fact or Fiction Friday. You can play along too but writing your own Fact or Fiction post and linking it up at the bottom of this one. You know you wanna because it just SO much fun!!

Last time I told you: I wrote my first story in 3rd grade. The topic involved peanuts so I wrote about Mr. Peanut, that top hat wearing Fred Estaire-ish dancing peanut from Planters. My teacher thought it was so good she shared it with the entire class and spent the entire 15 minutes of the parent-teacher conference gushing about it.

This was mostly true. I wrote my first story in 4th grade about Mr. Peanut and the teacher did in fact read it to the entire class and gloated to my parents about my natural writing talent. Thanks to that teacher praising my work, I developed a (somewhat) competitive love for writing. And for those who follow my writing blog, aren’t you glad?

And now, for this week’s Fact or Fiction:

I planned my wedding in just 2.5 months time. Our wedding site was a charming community center beside the river. My colors were pink and brown. My one bridesmaid paid almost as much for her dress as I did mine. The guests were allowed to eat while we had our pictures done and I’m still mad about that today since when it was all said and done, the whole process cost us $1,400 with the biggest expense being food. We paid for everything ourselves.

So, tell me. Am I pulling your leg? You decide and leave your guess in a comment. Looking to write your own Fact or Fiction tale and share it? Use the link up below to add the url to the Fact or Fiction post and join in the fun!!

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9 thoughts on “Fact or Fiction Friday: Wedding Blues

  1. yes, I believe every word. I could see you puling everything together in 2+months and have a really nice wedding. My mom and dad got engaged and married within 2 weeks. NO I’M NOT LYING. he can home from a tour , she said “are we still getting married?” he bought a ring, some clothes and they got married 2 weeks later, in an elaborate ceremony and a reception that lasted for 2 days.

    I love your wedding story. *Sigh*

    • I will be honest and say that there would be a few things I would change if we did it again, but overall, I am very happy with my wedding. 😉

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