Talent Shows & The Mom Force

I am an avid fan of American Idol and just discovered the deliciousness of The Voice this year. I am already hooked. I watched AI last night and voted (of course). It was Billy Joel night and the kids this year are just so mega talented. They get better every year.

And so I don’t keep to a strict voting policy right now. I have my favorites and while I would be sad to see any of them go, I only get 50 online votes a season. So, I tend to vote for the two performers who moved me, made me feel something. I’m starting to lean more towards one person though. She’s this little thing with a taste for the big voices. She’s been a little pitchy but she is working hard and improving every week. isn’t that what its about (Partially)?

So, Hollie Cavanaugh, can you convince me to vote for you every week over rocker Colton Dixon or indie artist Phillip Phillips? Sing me a lullaby little girl because I am prepared to embrace your sensation and become a “holliepop.”

American Idol is seriously good this year. You should give it a shot.

And, just so you know, I am sharing my thoughts on The Voice and talking about The Mom Force over at Lindsey Bell’s place today. I would love it if you would stop by and join my Mom Force!!


3 thoughts on “Talent Shows & The Mom Force

  1. I haven’t watched American Idol the last few seasons. I get frustrated with the fact that the winner doesn’t usually become very famous. 😦

    I hear The Voice is great, I might start wtching that this week!

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