The Seventh Wonder

Courage! What makes a King out of a slave?
Courage! What makes the flag on the mast to wave?
Courage! What makes the elephant charge his tusk, in the misty mist or the dusky dusk?
What makes the muskrat guard his musk?
Courage! What makes the sphinx the seventh wonder?
Courage! What makes the dawn come up like thunder?

I am a home body. Some of it is because I like doing my thing in my own way, when I feel like doing it. The rest of it is either because I’ve gotten set in my ways and am not as resilient to changes in my day as I used to be (You know you’re getting old when…) or  I shy away from social situations due to my hearing loss, and probably a combination of them both.

I know this is neither good nor bad, but for a long time, it was on the extreme recluse side. This journey in discovering who I am has given me some courage to expand my wings and fly a little. I have to admit that there is something to be said about the power of a group of real life friends can have in building me up and making me feel how awesome I really am.

And just so you know, my dear readers and friends,  your support and love has been my push. You gave me the courage to step out there and just be myself, regardless of what anyone thinks of me.

This weekend was a busy one. It started with GC’s birthday on Friday and Jellybean going on an overnight youth group trip to a Christian teen seminar called “Planet Wisdom.” It carried over to Saturday when GC’s BFF’s brother was hosting a surprise Mardi Gras birthday party for his mother.

Do you know how long it has been since I have seen this family? It’s been years, since Scooby was a bitty baby (and he was only a bitty baby for 6 months then turned into this giant literally overnight, LOL). GC would go visit and leave me and the kids at home.

I thought maybe he was  ashamed of us. We see far more of my family (which isn’t enough in my book) then we do of his, and to him, these people are family. Since he never took us with him, I began to think that either they didn’t like me or I was an embarrassment to him.  As he spent less and less time over there, that feeling evaporated but I was still surprised that we  were all going to this party.

And do you know that it didn’t even matter that I couldn’t hear? I was regaled with stories of GC’s mischievous youth, and not from the expected places, either (though I got a good dose from them too). GC’s childhood and teenage “posse” was all there. They coerced me into singing classic country songs, jiving to some Elvis, and  offering to roll GC–who got drunk for the first time in the 8 years we have been together–down the hill and into the back of my van for me when it was time to go.

I was flirted with. I was sought out for conversation. I was accepted.

And man did it feel gooooooooooooooooood.

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The Free Dictionary: Usage Note: A traditional rule holds that the construction the reason is because is redundant, and should be avoided in favor of the reason is that.


8 thoughts on “The Seventh Wonder

  1. I’m so glad it worked out! That does sound like a fun and confidence-building night.

    Also, we see my husband’s family much less than mine, too. Sometimes I think it works out like that, since women tend to arrange social stuff more.

  2. This literally made me laugh, like a laugh that escapes you in happiness and joy. Of course you were accepted! Of course you were liked and even flirted with! Who could not adore you?

    I know that it took you outside your comfort zone..but this post is proof that sometimes stepping out is just the thing you need to do. I’m so happy you had a fantastic time and you saw what I see all the time in your writing and your heart…that you are phenomenal!

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