Fact or Fiction Friday: Dancing Peanuts

It’s that time again. Time for another stretch of the truth or nothing but the truth, the whole truth. That’s right it’s time for another session of Fact or Fiction Friday. You can play along too but writing your own Fact or Fiction post and linking it up at the bottom of this one. You know you wanna because it just SO much fun!!

Last Friday I said: When I was in junior high (or middle school as they call it now), I ran the mile in 8 minutes, won the shot put division, and carried a flag in the opening ceremony. This was the year my track team went on to Nationals and lost. It was my first and only visit to Florida.

Most of you agreed it was true, and a couple of you thought maybe I was just stretching the truth a little here and there. Well, here are the straight facts:

I ran the mile, but not in 8 minutes, and I definitely didn’t win in shot put either. While carrying a flag would have been a blast, they didn’t even have an opening ceremony.  And going to Nationals? That was only for the high school. Middle school could only advance as far as state, which we didn’t do. I have only been to Florida once, but it wasn’t for this.

Ha. I guess I did stretch the truth a little, though I would consider every statement false, yes?

And now, for this week’s Fact or Fiction:

I wrote my first story in 3rd grade. The topic involved peanuts so I wrote about Mr. Peanut, that top hat wearing Fred Estaire-ish dancing peanut from Planters. My teacher thought it was so good she shared it with the entire class and spent the entire 15 minutes of the parent-teacher conference gushing about it.

So, what say you? Am I telling you the truth, a direct lie, or stretching the truth?

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PS. Don’t forget it’s daylight savings time this weekend and we are SPRINGING FORWARD one hour.


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