Guest Post: Recipe for Love


What is the true meaning?

Is it your soul mate? Your mom’s hugs? Or the moment your child is born from your womb?

Is it Grandpa’s withered hand in yours? Or the arm of your father as he walks you down the aisle? A loved ones laugh wrinkles?

To me, love is all that and more.

When I met my husband, I never knew the love I was missing. Not just the love from his heart, but the love from his children as well.

I was blessed with two bonus children; daughters. When I met them, they were two and four years of age. When we married, they were four and six.

I was a stepdaughter from age five and I loved my step dad more than anything.

Never in my life did I expect to have the love I gave him returned to me by two beautiful stepdaughters.

Through love texts, birthdays, and getting to be Santa again.

To me love is blended thing – smooshed up, and heart-shaped, and oh so full of joy.


Angelia blogs at Living, Loving, Laughing.

You can find her on twitter here: @angeliasims

Angelia is a 39yr old Christian mom of a 16 yr old daughter, named Sydney. Recently married to an incredible guy named Jason who is the father of two adorable little girls, ages 4 and 6. She blogs about life in Texas on puree with three girls, three dogs, and three blended families. She has a good eye with a camera, taking pictures as radiant as she is.




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