Guest Post: The Do-Over Button

First of all, I want to thank the Drama Mama for allowing me the opportunity to guest post for her. I’m thrilled to be sharing with you all today, and I can’t wait to have her over at my blog in a few weeks! Now, without further ado…


Have you ever had one of those days? A day when you want to just roll back into bed, pull the covers over your head and reach for the “do-over” button beneath the sheets?


Please tell me I’m not alone. We had one of those days today. It all started with a walk. I should have known better than to take both kids (a three-year-old and a newborn) out by myself right before lunch. But the weather was perfect—sixty degrees and sunny in January—so I hated to miss the opportunity.


I buckled our youngest into the stroller, got my three-year-old dressed in appropriate “scooter-gear,” and headed out the door. The first fifteen minutes of our walk were great. Our youngest was cooing and seemed to love being outside. And our three-year-old was having a blast on his new scooter.



But then the crying began. It started with the baby’s quiet fuss and then progressed into both boys screaming at the top of their lungs. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if my neighbors two blocks away heard the crying.


I wish I could tell you I handled the situation with grace, calmly spoke to my children and received looks of admiration from my neighbors. I didn’t. Not at all. I rushed us all home, yelled at my poor three-year-old and then fell into the couch in a pathetic heap.


It wasn’t the first time I’ve longed for a “do-over” button, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Unfortunately, no such button exists (which, by the way, if you ever decide to invent, I would pay big money for).


There’s no “do-over” button in life, but I have found a few things to help me make it through these types of days. I call them my Mommy Survival Essentials. I dug into several of these after our walk fiasco. Allow me to share them with you:


  1. Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. I don’t know what it is about chocolate, but for whatever reason, it helps.
  2. A time-out, kid-free zone for Mommy (even if it’s the bathroom for a few short minutes).
  3. A few long, deep breaths. It’s amazing what three deep breaths can do to calm your spirit.
  4. Some of your favorite music (and preferably, something that is suitable for little ears as well).
  5. A caffeinated beverage of your choice. Starbucks for me, please!
  6. A couple of inspirational quotes or Bible verses tucked away in your memory, ready for you to pull out at just the right time. One of our family’s favorite Bible verses is James 1:19: “My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry” (a verse that I clearly didn’t remember on our dreaded walk).
  7. An old journal, photo book or scrapbook to remind you of the good times. Being a parent is hard work. There are days when I wonder if I’m doing anything right, days when I question my abilities and days when I just want to give up. On days like this, it’s important we remember the good times—that first sloppy baby kiss, that time our five-year-old saw us in tears and ran to give us a hug, that first “I love you” uttered from the lips of our toddler. These things might not completely remove the stress, but I can promise you this: they’ll remind you that it’s all worth it. Every single meltdown, every single tear, every single outburst. All worth it.


About thirty minutes after my mommy-meltdown, my husband came home for lunch and asked how our day was going. “Better,” I took one more deep breath. “It’s getting better.” And you know what? The rest of the day was better. Maybe I don’t need that “do-over” button after all.



Biographical Information:

Lindsey Bell is a non-fiction author, stay-at-home mother to two wonderful little boys, wife, and blogger. She and her agent, Blythe Daniel, are working to find a home for her parenting book called Searching for Sanity. You can find her online at any of the following locations:


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5 thoughts on “Guest Post: The Do-Over Button

  1. There truly is something magical about chocolate, isn’t there? It just recalibrates everything.
    I’ve had many days like this too. Especially with a newborn. I’m impressed that you ventured outside.
    Some advice of yours I STILL need to follow is to have my own time out place. Everyone could benefit from that! In my house, that is;)

  2. When I was severely depressed last year, there were a lot of “parenting bad days”…so I scrapbooked. I did pictures of all the things that made me smile and let me tell you, it was an amazing form of therapy.
    Journaling is a close second….
    Mind you all the while I’m eating candy inbetween (I don’t like chocolate…gasp)

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