BSOW: Hilarious with a Side of Pesky

I have a special week coming up for you and today’s post is only the beginning of the wild ride I hope you’ll enjoy. You see that ticker over there? The one showing a countdown to my 2 year blogoversary? Yep. It’s NEXT WEEK. NEXT WEEK!! I’m so excited y’all. And valentine’s day is tomorrow, too, plus there’s my birthday coming up next week too?! Busy week here, and it’s packed full of goodness and special guests. I’m so excited, I’m afraid I just might spill the ice cream.

Today’s Scoop is no stranger to poop. She’s quite fond of it actually. She’s the first to admit that her closet needs updating. She’s got the most excellent advice for getting weighed at the doctor’s office. She’ll spot you for the hillbilly you are, give you a high-five, and send you home packing a homemade ugly doll.

She’s raising 3 kids, married her college sweetheart, undaunted by poop talk, and thinks mean people suck. She’s friendly, funny, and perennially pesky. Who is this week’s best scoop of the week? It’s Pesky Pippi!!

Since it’s Lovers Week, I asked Pippi what was her worst Valentine ever? She said:

I am a total cheese ball. (Speaking of cheese balls, I love those cheese balls during the Holidays. You know, the sharp cheddar cheese
balls.) But when it comes to Valentine’s Day, I really don’t want lacy red lingerie or a stuffed gorilla that is holding a heart that says “I
go bananas over you, Valentine” or “Wild Thing.” I mean, who talks like that?

Yeah, a gorilla. I got one of those once. In high school.

And it sucked.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not all Sleepless-in-Seattle-romantic when it comes to Valentine’s Day. I am not expecting a diamond heart that says forever. Dude. I simply want a bouquet of flowers. Daisies or carnations will suffice. And maybe, if you want to grab some Thai take-out dinner on your way home, that would be swell. Really, you can never go wrong with Thai take-out. Or Chinese take-out. Or burritos. When it comes to food brought to me salty and piping hot: I’m easy.

To recap:

1. Cheesy flowers are A-OK.

2. Just not the Honey-I-picked-this-gorilla-up-at-the-drugstore kind of a Valentine.

3. Take-out food is awesome.Hey, Valentine’s is about all-around love. And with three children, we indeed have love all around us. So make that: Pad Thai for five.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Pippi with love!

Pesky Pippi is on twitter (@peskypippi) and loves email.

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