BSOW: My Crafty Little Valentine

I met today’s Best Scoop of the Week through Write on Edge. I meet a lot of people there, don’t I? That’s because it’s filled with awesomesauce that draws the best people around the interwebz in.

She’s familiar with heartache we’d all understand.

She’s incredibly brave. She shared the burden of judgmental people. And she shared the skeleton in her closet and got a surprising response.

She’s simply fascinating. She used to be wild, now she’s just wild about her child. Please welcome Wild Child Momma!

I asked Wild Child Mama to share with us about her Best Valentine Ever.

This year, I get to help plan my daughter’s pre-school Valentine’s Day party.  I’ve been making gifts for each child, planning special cupid cupcakes, I’m even embroidering mini-Kleenex holders with their names and pictures of kissy-faced animals to be used as nametags!  So much more fun than those construction paper necklaces.

My daughter keeps saying she is excited to make Valentine’s cards and to cut out paper hearts together.  This isn’t even on my agenda.  It’s so predictable, so blasé, so totally. All. She. Wants. To do.

And when she says it, suddenly, I see her sweet cupid face and her big hazel eyes shoot an arrow right to my heart, and I remember.  I remember when Valentine’s day evolved from a daydream about having the guts to hold someone’s hand or dare to lean in for a kiss, to actually witnessing true love.

We were twelve;

It’s Valentine’s Day 1987, my best friend admits, as we sit on her bed, that she would actually give her virginity to Axl Rose if she ever met him.  I hide how jealous I am that she isn’t scared to go ALL the WAY.  She already French kissed Ryan Olson behind the school last summer.  She is so cool.

Her dad comes home from work, knocks gently on her door.

“Can you come out here for a minute, sweetie, I have something for you.” He says.

She jumps up.  I follow.  I don’t live with my dad, just my mom and her boyfriend, so I usually, silently observe.  I wonder what it would feel like to be taken care of by your own, real dad, everyday.  I’m like a foreign exchange student to my dad.  Our time together is temporary and special and fun.  But I am a guest in his family’s house.  And my step-dad is like a pen-pal that only writes because my mom makes him.

On this special day, my B/F/F’s dad kneels down in front of her and holds out a red velvet box with white satin lining.

Inside was a diamond necklace. 

She can wear that to school and everyone will know her daddy loves her, I think longingly.

On bended knee, he reaches carefully around her neck with the shiny, dangling gift, and gently secures the clasp.  He gazes at her and I know that not one of her 12 years had gone by without being the center of his every thought, intention, or movement.  He knows her.  And he loves her.  The truest love.  Then he gives the same gift to her two sisters, in the same loving way.

I want to live with a daddy like that.

25 years later and I sit, gazing at my own beautiful daughter.  I urgently want her to know that she is the center of my every thought, intention, every moment that goes by.  So you know what my children and I do as soon as that memory of my best friend’s dad comes flooding back to me, don’t you?  We go into our craft drawer, pull out the construction paper, glittery stickers, glue sticks, and fabric and we make the fanciest, sparkly-est, pirttiest, most love-filled Valentine’s Day, heart shaped cards ever.  And, let me tell you, they make those embroidered-mini-Kleenex-holder-nametags look like a half-eaten box of imitation chocolates and a bouquet of gas-station flowers.

As for my “Best Valentine’s Day Ever?”  It is happening right now with my family.  I can experience all the joy I longed for as a child by sharing it with my husband and our kids.  My heart is simply spilling over with love, the truest love, for my family.  And friends.  And living in the present moment this February.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Isn’t she fabulous?! You can find Wild Child Mama on Facebook too!

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Have a fabulous weekend!


28 thoughts on “BSOW: My Crafty Little Valentine

  1. Ya know what’s cooler than getting paid in gum? Winning something from Wild Child Mama! Good stuff! I don’t think most boys cared who the hell they lost their virginity to…

  2. Such a sweet story! Sometimes just taking the time to enjoy the simple things with your kids is the best gift you can give them!

  3. Wow. Talk about coming full-circle with Valentine’s Day. I remember the 14th being the day that I’d hope a secret admirer would come out of the woodwork with gifts of flowers and chocolate. As we get older, it becomes so much more. Beautiful post, Mama 🙂

    • Thank you, sweetie. It truly does take on a new meaning. I used to get excited about suckers taped to those rectangle cards. Now? Hugs and kisses from my sugary kids. That’s something to look forward to:)

  4. I can experience all the joy I longed for as a child by sharing it with my husband and our kids. My heart is simply spilling over with love, the truest love. This really hits home.

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