Paula Deen or Me?

Oh the scandal!!

!!! Ms. Deep Fried Butter herself is diabetic!!!

I’ve read it all over.

I’ve left a few comments.

I’ve read the ones where they are holding her accountable for the obesity in America.

Whatever. Come on now, be honest with me.

Other than Dave Ramsey, have you ever seen a skinny chef?

No, I think we can safely say that Paula Deen is not the reason Americans are overweight and unhealthy as a whole.

Of course her high fat, high carb, deep friend everything recipes aren’t helping the situation either. But she isn’t holding a gun over our heads and demanding that we swallow lard by the bucketful either.

I have never made a Paula Deen recipes.

I’ve never made a Rachael Raye or Emeril or any other famous chef’s recipe.

Well, there are a bunch of Pioneer Woman recipes I’d like to try…

Anyway, what I’m saying here, is that I think Paula Deen knows the price of fame.

She knows that by being a popular chef, touting fattening recipes, she is going to be called out.

Perhaps this is why she’s kept her diabetes a secret for so long.

Either that or someone decided to pay her for having diabetes.

That magic pill she is touting…well I’ll save that for another day.

The bottom line is that Paula Deen is responsible for only one person–herself. I don’t think she owes anyone an apology, except maybe herself and her family.

She makes the choice to fatten up the food. She makes the choice to eat it. She makes the choice to let medication modify her diabetes instead of living a healthier lifestyle.

I put that out there, but honestly, I don’t know what she serves her family for dinner.

I’d like to know though.

I’d like for her to embrace the fact that she has diabetes and work it into her menu.

Then I’d really like to see her show ME, another diabetic (hey!! I’ve had diabetes for 3 years too!), how to enjoy good food that doesn’t have weird stuff in it like tofu, eggplant, etc. (If you like tofu and eggplant, no worries. I’ll still be your friend!)

I’d like her to show ME how to make yummy recipes so I can teach my children, at risk for diabetes themselves, how to live a healthier lifestyle.

That’s what I’d really like to see.

Because then? Just like it is now, it’s up to ME. My choice.

Just like Ms. Deen.



9 thoughts on “Paula Deen or Me?

  1. I agree. Why are we making her out to be such an example of her? you’re right, where are the SKINNY CHEFS??? oh right, there aren’t any!!!!!
    my mom is a Certified Diabetes Educator and she has long said that it’s all about choices, that people need to modify and not restrict themselves too much, MODERATION.

    the other day I was moaning and groaning about my sister being sooooo skinny and still being able to eat potato chips and junk and never ever gain a pound. My mom looked at me and said “we all make choices are potato chips you have to live with them” …not the kind of reminder I normally like, but in the end, she’s right. BOO 😦

  2. I agree. Her recipes are great, but obviously not something you’d have on a regular basis. She’s not to blame for obesity in America, especially considering there are so many other chefs making healthy food. The choices are obviously there, and it’s nice to have variety anyway.

    I hope she works on her personal health, but continues to make the recipes she’s famous for.

    • Could we throw a few healthier ones in there? LOL. I like your outlook too. There are other chefs that make healthy food. It’s just a bit different for diabetics in what we need to consume carb wise, so having a celebrity chef with it—well it does make me feel like there are more options out there. I really do hope that she works on her personal health and shares the journey with us.

    • Have you visited Diabetic Living? They do have some really good recipes there. I have made a few of theirs that even Miss Picky didn’t complain about.

  3. Couldn’t have said it better myself. I don’t get why people are so mad at her. People make their own choices. She wasn’t forcing anyone to eat her food

    • I do understand that as a celebrity, people are going to care. But blame her? no. She is not the reason we are a nation of fat. Those are choices we’ve all made that had nothing to do with Paula Deen.

  4. I think she should have ran with her illness and used it to help others understand that although your diabetic, you can still eat kick ass food.
    But really like you said, it’s her choice.

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