I’m Statistically Enough

Over the weekend, I installed a new chat manager that actually gives pop ups of tweets and so forth. I really love this feature because it lets me respond more often to tweets without having to actually open twitter.

I came upon the tweet of another writer who was feeling miserable because she’d ventured into newer territory and wasn’t getting many responses on her blog. This had her feeling down and questioning if she was good enough.

I felt bad for her, because I knew exactly how she felt. If  I get more than 5 comments on my blog (that aren’t my own), I consider it a good day, so yeah I know exactly how she feels.

The difference between her and me, though?

I will look at my stats.

Here’s today’s (at a depressing low–my own fault since I didn’t post anything.):

Now, here’s the breakdown from the busiest day this year:

Let’s take a closer look:

102 viewers came from StumbleUpon. 102! I will admit this is not typical, though most of my views come from StumbleUpon on a regular basis. Just look at the top chart again, and you can see the ebb and flow of the stats. I don’t blog on the weekends, so that explains the low views on those days.

So, why am I telling you all this?

I wanted to show off, of course!!

No, for real now, I wanted to share this because it is just another trick of mine that helps me realize that I am enough.

My comments may be small, but my viewership is LARGE.

And seeing StumbleUpon every day on my stats is a huge encouragement for me to continue doing what I’m doing.

Especially on days like today when nothing is going the way it should, GC is out of town, its yucky and miserable outside, its a teacher’s workday to boot, and?

It’s a blah day for me. It happens every month.

So times like this I need reinforcement.

Thanks to my stats, I got it.

I am enough. And so are you!

What gives you that “be enough” feeling?



11 thoughts on “I’m Statistically Enough

  1. I’ve taken a couple of blogging classes and all of my own experiences back this next statement up – only a small percentage of readers will actually comment. I looked at my own habits when it comes to reading blogs – most I just read, sometimes I clicked on a link, and only sometimes did I comment. Eye opening! But just because I didn’t comment didn’t mean I didn’t enjoy reading, and I figure (slash hope) that my readers feel the same.

    So, now, I take comments as little gifts versus must-haves.

    • This is how I feel, too. This is why I let the numbers boost my spirit. There are so many days when I only have time to read. A comment might filter through my head, but finding the time to type it out doesn’t always work. I love comments, but having a steady flow of regulars is much more satisfying. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your wisdom.

  2. Comments make my day, but they do NOT reflect readership!

    Over the last year or so, I’ve had e-mails and personal conversations that revealed that I have many, many loyal, long-time readers who have never once left a comment, and who knows how many else are out there. I’ve found out there are complete strangers in Cancun who know the names of all my dogs! haha

    The most important thing I’ve noticed is that the only people who leave comments are other bloggers.

    If you’re not getting comments, it’s not because people don’t care… it’s because your readers aren’t bloggers! haha

    • I’m guilty too. I don’t get by your place nearly as often as I should. And this was NOT intended to make anyone feel guilty, LOL!

      ❤ my lovey.

  3. I LOVE your header!!! Also, I just read your blog name to my kids and we all laughed for a few minutes. That’s so cool.

    Anyway, you make me think I should be making better use of StumbleUpon! Thanks for a tip. (And checking my stats is a really good idea.)

    • Thank you!! I’m rather fond of my header myself. LOL.

      As for StumbleUpon…

      You really really should. Stumble every post you publish, and stumble posts you really like too. I do!

  4. To me, my loyal readers mean more to me than all the numbers in the world. My community is small but it’s awesome.
    I have no doubt that yours is just as awesome.
    And yay for a big day for you!!
    PS you are enough!!

  5. I used to keep track of my stats, my unique views, my comments, my followers, my RT….Oh heavens the headache. I would berate myself when it wasn’t “high” enough.

    Then it hit me one day. I was writing what was on my heart. Isn’t that what we have been called to do? I don’t know if my words changed someone, made them smile or made them think…I do know I wrote what my heart wanted and that made it MORE THAN ENOUGH!

    • Oh yes, it is very easy to get caught up in it all, so thats why I don’t let my mind go there. I just find it a useful boost when I need it. I just ignore the little voice that tells me “”so how come they can’t comment?” or “Yeah, but are these peeps actually reading or just stumbling and moving on?” LOL.

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