Mommy Milestones

Over the weekend I read a really great post  about Tori Spelling sharing how her kids don’t get excited about their first recital like we as moms do (when they don’t realize how momentous the occasion really is), so she called it a Mommy Milestones, because that’s what it really is. This made me think about how there are so many mommy milestones in my life, and how they relate to me as a mother.

In other words, how they show me that I am enough.

Because let’s face it. Parenting isn’t easy. I found this floating around on Facebook and I think it sums it up well:

This is so true too. It is so rewarding yet so very frustrating at the same time.

If I am constantly critical of myself and my parenting decisions, how can I ever see myself as being enough?

It’s awfully hard.

But reading that post this weekend? It got those old wheels turning in my head, shaking off the rust and cranking in complaints at first, then chugging along at full speed.

I realized that every “mommy milestone” I can look back on is proof that I am enough. Sure, I’ll make mistakes, but that’s part of what parenting is about. And it’s okay.

Because at the end, when you look back, you can see the milestones, and they are bigger and better than any mistakes.


19 thoughts on “Mommy Milestones

  1. So, so true… you’ve pretty much summed it up in so many words, Drama Mama! We really need to look back at all those motherhood milestones, because doing so, it’d be clearer than any other time what we’ve accomplished as mothers and how truly enough we really are. It’s so easy to beat ourselves over our mistakes and imperfections, until we look back and see how much our children has grown. And those brilliant minds that we see today? I’d like to believe we’ve earned our bragging rights for having raised them ;))

  2. This is beautiful and so true. I am welling up with the ENORMOUS amount of “little things” that make up our “big stuff” later one. In so few words you got me to a place where I was nodding…”YES, our milestones are the things that matter”.

    what a lovely reminder. Thank you Steph, as always you inspire me.

    • i’m glad you are able to see this. And thank you always for your support and lovely words. They go a long way to helping me see that I am enough too, especially as I struggle daily with this.

    • That’s part of it,too. Motherhood is full of trial and error. I think part of being enough is accepting that you will make mistakes along the way, and realizing it’s okay.

  3. I was thinking just yesterday how I’m so sad that I’ve failed as a parent. My oldest does NOT seem to understand that hard work pays off in life and I’m so worried about him as an adult. But, then when I sit back, and really think about it…I know he’s smart enough to figure it all out…I’ve given him the tools. One day he’ll use them.

    I wonder if there will ever come a day when we as parents realize we’ve done enough?

  4. You are so right.
    THis mommyhood job is so so SO hard and I think that we are way too critical of ourselves.
    As long as we give them all the love we have in our hearts, that’s all they need.
    And maybe food.
    Yes, definitely food.

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