Wordless Wednesday: Let It Snow

I have been waiting since November to see some snow. Now, I’m not looking for another Snowmageddon like we had back in 2010, but I do love to watch it fall and pray it doesn’t stick.

I got exactly what I wished for, and so did the kids.

Snow Angels in the Making


Catching Flakes


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19 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Let It Snow

  1. HAHAH…
    Surprisingly, here in my Canadian neck of the woods, we have no snow. Which really sucks since my husband and the neighbors built a outdoor hockey rink.
    It’s more like a pond.

  2. Lucky you! We’re still waiting for snow. We got a slight dusting about a month ago, but that’s it. I don’t want a dusting. I want a great big dumping of snow! lol

  3. Did you know that I lived in Boston for five years and never once did I do a snow angel? And now spending the rest of my life regretting it? Or at least til then next chance I get to do it.

    Your pics make me miss those snowy days… *sigh*

    • They did. Luckily it melted yesterday and never did stick to the road. They never got their snow day, but I’m okay with that!

  4. Snow?? What is that?
    I think that we used to get snow here in Michigan over the winter but with temps in the upper 40’s – 50 we don’t get snow! Or at least not this year!

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