The Benevolent Feeling of Enough

What gives you that “be enough” feeling?

I had to think about this. For a long time I lived in a blah existence functioning on the repeat cycle on a daily basis. It was the same day in and day out. Awake, blink, bed. I never took time to focus on me.

I probably still don’t take time to focus on me, mostly because my kids don’t allow it. I’ve learned to improvise though.

I see small glimpses of being enough during the day, but its at night when the house is quiet that I really get to soak it in.

Today, I am enough. I smile that my house isn’t spotless, but it’s clean enough not to embarrass me. My children survived the day without killing each other or I them. I’ve written a story or two. I’ve extended that friendly nature to a neighbor and we had a good time. I said something nice to myself in the mirror this morning.

It was a good day.

But what really gives me that “be enough” feeling?

My husband does. His love is fathomless, and in the very instant I question, his voice is right there on the other side of the phone making me feel like the queen of the universe.

“Hey, baby, what are you doing?” or “How’s your day going?”

He’s great with the small talk that says so much while saying nothing at all. And he always ends with an “I love you.”

He just accepts me exactly as I am, imperfections and all.

And if I am enough for him?

I must be enough for me, too.

And that is a wonderful feeling.


13 thoughts on “The Benevolent Feeling of Enough

  1. That was beautiful! You hubs {swoon}, he’s a keeper. Life does seem like that doesn’t it. It awful when they seem to start to flow together. I am happy you wrote this. You are enough. You found it in your life, a small piece now, but now that you have done it once it will happen again and again! Seeing the “be enough” in your life is contagious. You are off to a beautiful start! -LV

  2. Awww… Drama Mama, that’s just sooo sweet! You and your husband’s love for each other is really inspiring. When someone you love, sees the real you and loves you back… that’s the most wonderful feeling. And yes, you are definitely MORE than Enough!!! mwah!

    • Thanks, MJ. It was really more of a reminder that my husband believes in me, but yeah I’ll take what you said too.

  3. Ah so so true.
    Our men have a way at making us feel really special…even if we forgoed changing out of PJs for the entire weekend and banned hair brushing. Wait…you don’t do that? Me neither.

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