BSOW: Do the Hula

I’m sharing the ice cream again this week. This week’s feature is quite a crafty blogger with an A to Z knowledge of life. She’s got awesome tutorials that are easy to follow. She’s accepted the impact her past had on her future. She’s the mother of one adorable little runt she calls Lexy.  She’s quite the expert in the kitchen too.

She’s quite the package, and you can regal it all at a little place on the internet called Ninth Street Notions.

This week she was challenged with the question: “If you were a toy, what toy would you be and why?”

Her response:

 If I were a toy, I’d probably be a hula hoop. They’re not complicated, kinda funky, and have a retro charm. I’d like to think I’m the same way.

Isn’t she something? And you can find her beautiful creations in her Etsy store, Ninth Street Notions.

She’s on Facebook here. And she Tweets here. And she’s got a FANTASTIC Holiday Gift Card Giveaway going on RIGHT NOW for only 72 hours!! RUN!!!


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