Funky Happy Christmas

I’m in a funk. It’s what happens after I do a bunch of writing. I also without a camera currently and that frustrates me too.

I’m definitely in the Christmas Spirit though. My tree is glittering, my banister is sparkling, my stockings are hung (but not by the chimney) with care.

My Christmas cards aren’t quite done yet. I need to cut out some red eyes in the picture and print them.

My Christmas shopping is 98.9% complete. Presents are wrapped and under the tree.

We’ve mailed our Letters to Santa  and helped the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

We rode the Christmas Express. We waved to Santa three times but have yet to sit on his lap.

We saw Happy Feet 2 and liked it.

We looked at Christmas lights.

I’m in the Christmas spirit. How about you?




3 thoughts on “Funky Happy Christmas

  1. Sounds lovely! I just got all my Christmas lists from family members, and have done about 1/3 of my shopping… but since I’m in Mexico and have to buy almost everything online, it’s fast!

    I get in a funk after lots of writing, too.

  2. Ehh. I usually don’t get in the spirit until like the week before. But I’ve got everything done. Well like 95% done.

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