November was a difficult month over here in the Drama household.

First, I took on the NaNoWriMo challenge (and WON!).

There was Thanksgiving.

There was 70+ degree weather that kept us busy and away from the house all weekend.

We had neighborhood boys playing pranks and vandalizing our property.

I had a fight with my doctor because they neglected to refill my diabetes medicine.

And then, there was the threat of cancer and the long wait.

It was probably the longest wait of my life.

I had a lot of support from all over. I had you. I had the lovely ladies at Just.Be.Enough. I had family willing to carry us for a little while.

And I had The Band.

Today, Band Back Together has published a piece I wrote while in that waiting period.

My feelings, my fears, all laid bare.

My dreams for the future, revealed.

And a sense of peace was received after I wrote it.

The prayers sent for us gave me a sense of peace.

Someone was carrying me through this greater than myself.

It makes me cry when I think about how much Someone loves me.

Because of this scare, I have a new respect for life.

I realized that I am not immortal and life does have an end.

I was reminded that I need to put the most into every day because you never know when it’s your last.

Most of all, I remembered how very blessed I am to have a husband that loves me. He doesn’t abuse or use me.

He works hard to make my dreams come true.

He loves me despite all my imperfections, or maybe because of them.

It’s been quite a ride in such a short time.

I’m glad it’s over.

It’s a ride I don’t intend to ever experience again.

(Well, maybe 2012’s NaNoWriMo!)

Thank you for being my rock when I needed it most.

Go check out Band Back Together and see what it’s all about.



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