BSOW: Try It Blue

It’s time for another Best Scoop of the Week!! (Yeah I know I’m late. I’m blaming the flu and Thanksgiving. Reasonable excuses. ;)) She’s been incredibly patient in waiting for her feature, so please give her some extra love, ok?

She’s got organizational skills all mothers could benefit from. She’ll take you on a road trip, not once but twice (and for the holidays to boot!). She can tell you how to save your marriage.

She’s learned how to let go. But most of all, she’s got a humorous outlook at life as a mother to two boys.

Today’s special scoop of the week is Try It Mom.

I asked Try It Mom the very simple question of “Which Smurf are you (and why)?”

She says:

I can clearly remember the smell of the plastic Smurfette mask I wore for Halloween when I was a kid, but I would have to say that I am probably more like Brainy or Handy.  I like fixing and creating things, and I LOVE to read.
Isn’t she fun?
You can also find her on the twitter and Facebook!
I hope you had a very happy holiday.

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