Chaos and the 504

Middle school.

Ick. I’ll take elementary school any day over middle school.

Maybe it’s just our middle school but I don’t like that I can’t email the teachers because the website is all screwed up and most of the links are broken, and they don’t provide the actual email address.

Can we all say communication #fail?

Because my child has a 504, and I think it needs to be looked at. And no one is. No one is communicating with me, though I have tried to reach out.

I have stopped by the counselor’s office. More than once.

The first time? Nothing happened.

The second time? She got a homework folder, then nothing else happened.

I try to send notes to school but Jellybean conveniently loses them.

She is getting F’s in the homework portion of three of her classes (one of them is band, and I have no idea what “homework” she gets from band!) She’s had a run-in with another girl (from elementary school) that was making fun of how her body looks in the locker room then sharing that info with the boys.

How does she know? Apparently the boys were telling her. Poor kid.

That did get resolved by her telling the PE teacher.

Go PE Teacher!

As for the rest of it, I’ll keep banging my head against the wall. Fingers crossed that the principal will email me back.

Mostly “quiet” days (if you can call a place quiet with an active almost four year old around!) and highly chaotic nights that leave me exhausted is all that has been going on in the Drama Mama household lately.

At least life is never dull, eh?


2 thoughts on “Chaos and the 504

  1. That is terrible! It’s like they are making an effort NOT to help. I hope you get a response from someone soon. I had “mean” girls in Jr High harass me and it was not fun. 😦

    • I hope so too. She seems happy at the school so I don’t want to pull her out unnecessarily, but if they aren’t going to help her, what choice do I have?

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