Wordful Wednesday: 4 Years

Sunday is Scooby’s 4th birthday. I am having mixed reactions to this as the closer the day approaches and his behavior/attitude change, some days I feel like “if this is what 4 looks like, I’ll keep 3”!! I can’t stop time though, and whether I am ready for it or not, my baby, my last child, is growing up and becoming this interesting little person with such a great imagination, an incredibly hard head, and a very sweet nature.

He is 100% boy, with his Hot Wheels strewn about, his instinct to stop and just start wrestling, or the way he’ll just start karate chopping the air.

Some of his sister’s bad “habits” and facial expressions are rubbing off on him, but he is still on the pottery wheel, and is easily shaped and molded. He responds to correction much better than she ever did, though his SLT says that he doesn’t follow instructions very well. My little rebel doesn’t want to color the farmer’s wife red. He thinks green is much more her color.

He loves looking at old pictures of himself and gets this cutest facial expression and a silly little laugh that just makes me laugh back when he sees them. I truly love this little person in all his uniqueness, his creativity, his sensitivity, his toughness, and every inch of his cute little body from his tippy toe all the way to his big blue eyes.

Happy {Early} Birthday to my baby. Thank you for making the last four years that much more exciting. I love watching you grow and the little man you are becoming, even when you tell me “I don’t like you,” because I know you really do.

I love you forever, I’ll like you for always, as long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be.

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