The Eternal Debate

Our life on a timeline:

3 am-GC wakes himself and by 4 am he is at work (driving a cab)

6 am-Jellybean is awoken to get ready for school

7 am- Jellybean gets on the bus and I enjoy the quiet morning

9 am-Scooby wakes up

9:30 am-Breakfast

10 am-Craft time

11 am-Chores

12 pm-lunch

1 pm-Errands/playdates

3 pm-Home

3:15 pm-Jellybean gets off the bus

4 pm: GC gets off

4:30 pm: GC gets home

6 pm: Dinner

7 pm: Baths and cleaning

8 pm: Scooby’s bedtime (teeth, hair, books, songs, bed)

8:30: Jellybean’s bedtime

9 pm: Mommy time

11 pm: Bedtime

~~~If only! Actually this is more what our timeline looks like:

3 am: Bedtime as I have to wake GC up because he won’t get up on his own

6 am: I wake Jellybean, and catnap on the couch as she gets ready

7 am: She slams the door and wakes up Scooby

7:30 am: Scooby and I are sound asleep in my bed

9 am: We wake up

10 am: Breakfast

11 am: I check email and he plays

12 pm: Chores

1 pm: Lunch

2 pm: More email and playing

3:15 pm: Jellybean gets home and the whole world turns upside down

4 pm: GC gets off

6/7/8 pm: GC gets home, plops himself on the couch and complains about being tired

7/8 pm: Dinner

After dinner is bath/bedtime, which results in lots of eye rolling and head shaking and usually ends up with me yelling at him about being a parent too and needing to do something to help around the house. He will give in, but won’t finish, disappearing downstairs to “bed” in which he really just watches tv, leaving me to finish bedtime AND do the cleaning of the house I can’t do when the kids are awake. Then there’s the upteen times I have to put Scooby back to bed. Scooby has to have someone stay upstairs until he falls asleep, so I am stuck upstairs still unable to just relax. I’ll watch tv, then sneak downstairs.

11 pm: Mommy time. Ahhhhhhhhh, finally.

So, here’s the problem: GC seems to think that bringing home the bacon is all he needs to do to contribute to this family and that because he works outside the home, he doesn’t have to do anything inside the home, not even take out the trash. He thinks that keeping an eye out from the couch and letting Scooby lay on the bed with him is enough interaction.

I say that when he gets home from work, we should work together to get the kids in bed and get the housework done (it’s not a lot, just the kitchen and sweeping usually), then we can both relax together. Since he has no other responsibilities (having hired a teenager to cut the grass and weeds), I think he should be responsible for the trash.

I would love to be able to get my cleaning done while he puts Scooby to bed all the way, then I’m more than happy to sit and relax watching tv and putting Scooby back to bed eleventy billion times. He’s only watching tv, not even sleeping, so why couldn’t he put the kid to bed? If he came home from work when he got off instead of dilly dallying around, dinner and bedtime would happen much easier and much earlier, and both of us could relax earlier, and maybe he could get himself out of bed at the appropriate time instead of me having to stay up and do it.

And he wonders why I am so moody?!

So, what say you? Settle this argument once and for all…


This post is a part of Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop. I chose prompt #1 and am letting you, my readers decide who wins this argument. 😉


5 thoughts on “The Eternal Debate

  1. Hubs should definitely do more around the house, unfortunately he has to want to. Your job, should you accept the challenge, is to figure out how to make him want to. Oh, and? If I knew the answer I’d share it with you. I feel like I’m in the same boat right there with you. I get help, but inconsistently.

  2. We have the same situation going on here, so I’m siding with you. I’m not saying they have to do everything, or even an equal amount, but somethings, like putting the kids to bed, the trash, picking their own clothes off the floor, and some sweeping/vacuuming. At least. They might work some, but staying home is non-stop 24/7.

  3. Chris & I share the cooking detail (he has his “specialties”). He generally bathes & puts Klaw to bed so that I can have an hour or so to mess around on the computer. He also handles trash & toilets. I generally do laundry but Chris helps, too. It’s a partnership.

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