Wordful Wednesday: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Do you know that  even two years later, I don’t have a single wedding picture up on my walls? I don’t even have a single wedding picture in an album or in a frame anywhere in my house too. I just haven’t gotten around to taking the disk anywhere for printing.

I do have tons of pictures of the kids around my house. We have yet to take a family portrait, but we will in the near future.

What we really needed was a beautiful canvas to put the perfect picture on. It’s the perfect prompt to motivate us to get some of the priceless pictures up on the walls. After all, we did spend $1000+ of our money to create the perfect ceremony. Why not display it proudly?

So, first  came the decision on which picture. After one of my best friends pointed out that I have numerous pictures of the kids up, I should go for either a family print or a print from the wedding. My favorite won out.This picture should be pretty familiar to you by now in fact.

With that decision made, I sent my 8×10 order off with Easy Canvas Prints.

It looks sweet doesn’t it?

You know what else? It’s strong. It’s tight. There was no wasted canvas. It felt like Christmas in September when the package arrived on my doorstep. It was even packaged with care. I was super impressed with everything.

The next decision was to figure out exactly where the best place to put this picture was. After all, it was special, and I wanted it to be seen. I think I picked the location just perfectly.

Now, I just need a few dozen more. I know exactly where I’ll be ordering from too.

Easy Canvas Prints.

Why would I try someone else when they’ve already exceeded my expectations?

So, tell me. Now that I have a wedding picture on my wall, what should I go for next?

I received compensation in the form of a free canvas created from a picture of my choice from Easy Canvas Prints in exchange for this review. All thoughts contained within this post belong to me and are my legitimate impressions of this product.

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