The Whole Horse and Carriage

I’ve always heard that things change when you get married.

I didn’t believe it though. I mean, GC and I? We’ve been together 7 years now. We didn’t get married until 2009, but from the moment I got pregnant with Scooby, he’s been by my side.

You’ve read our love story; you know we were engaged for virtually forever before we tied the knot. We changed our wedding date so many times people gave up on us ever actually doing it.

When you live together and are already sharing everything, what’s the point right?

(And yes, I know what the point is, it just doesn’t have anything to do with my story)

Why should anything change just because I use a new last name and a piece of paper tells us what we already knew?

Because they do. Even Especially when you aren’t trying. With marriage comes a sense of togetherness and responsibility that wasn’t there before.

My bills were just my bills.

Now? They are our bills.

In some ways, he’s always thought that way, but the level of importance is there now. His priorities are finally in the right order. Sometime over the past year, it has gone from him, everyone else, us to us, everyone else, him.

And I think I like it.


One thought on “The Whole Horse and Carriage

  1. You’re so right. It doesn’t seem like anything should change. You get a new name, some new bling on your finger, maybe some new dishes, but so what? But it does change things. In some good ways and in some surprising ways. My hubs’ priorities totally shifted as well, and I suppose mine did, too, after we got married. All for the better!

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