BSOW: A Little Pampered Goes A Long Way

It’s Friday again? Where are the weeks going? Man, I feel like if I blink, it will be Christmas! Anyway, on with the show {and the ice cream!}

This week’s Best Scoop of the Week found her father’s family. She wrote a letter of acceptance to her body that we should all do. She made promises she didn’t keep.

She’s wonderfully honest, and not the least bit pampered, but she is a Pampered Chef consultant. Today’s Scoop of the Week is better known as Pampered Patty.

I asked Patty if she could switch places with anyone alive or dead, famous or not, who would she choose and why?

” if I could switch places with one person this week it would be my husband.  I think it would be neat for him to be me and see my perspective on things and it would be cool to be him as well.”

Patty will be back on Monday to guest post. Have a great weekend!


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