BSOW: No Time Machine Necessary

The Best Scoop of the Week is so delicious, I had to save her for today. This lady knows ALL about the poop, seriously. She has swallowed her dignity only to have it come out the other end, literally. Ever experienced the grossness that is called the Men’s Room? Yep, she knows all about that too. She struggles with the same “I am not my mother” issues that we all do, especially when its a battle between her mom superpowers and normal mom abilities.

She is very real, very down to earth, with a humorous and often sarcastic look at life. This week’s BSOW is none other than Bella of If This Is Motherhood…

If This Is Motherhood....

I asked her where she would go if she could jump in a time machine….

I would skip the time machine experience.  I think that every single moment in my life has made me who I am and contributed to where I am. And every single event that might happen in the future is a part of me as well.  So if I were able too, I might go back in time and enjoy certain moments again (such as perhaps the days when my children were too young to walk and talk and wreak havoc) or appreciate them more, but I wouldn’t change a thing about what has happened in the past or might happen in the future. 

Bella will be back tomorrow talking about that dreaded disease we all get from time to time called “Writer’s Block.” You don’t want to miss it.


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