Straight from the Poop Files: The Never Ending Story

I did this once a long time ago when my blog first started. It was fun, but the story was never finished, so, today I bring it back, with the comments from the original post added in. Who will save the puppy???

Once upon a time, there was a little girl. She had a little brother, and they got a brand new puppy. She adored the puppy as much as the puppy adored her. Her brother wasn’t always so nice to the puppy though, mainly becuase he was young and didn’t know how to treat animals.

One day, the little girl and her family went on a vacation and left the puppy at home alone and that puppy did what no one knew that puppy could do. He picked up the phone.

That’s right.

He picked up the phone and called up the beagle across the street, the poodle from down the road, even the great dane from the next neighborhood over. That’s when the fun REALLY began…

Every dog in the neighborhood said they’d be over shortly except one: Pugsie McPuggerson, the cutest smoosh-faced dog on the block. Known to prance around with bows on both ears, Pugsie considered herself in a class high above the other dogs on her street. When she heard the puppy was having a party, she wondered why she never got an invitation to the party. She was known to never invite the other dogs on the block to her parties, but she figured that everyone had to invite her to their parties.

She sauntered up to the house and rang the doorbell once. She waited a moment, ears cocked and listening. Nothing. She rang the doorbell a second time. Still nothing. Since she was a firm believer in the third time being the charm, she rang the doorbell one more time in hopes that it would be answered this time.

The poodle answered the door since their host was busy getting water and some kibble for his guests. They hadn’t heard the door at first since it was a party afterall and quite loud. She was shocked to see Pugsie McPuggerson.

“Yes, what can I do for you?”, she barked.

Pugsie McPuggerson ran in the door frantic & blabbering! Nobody knew what was wrong! They tried to calm her down by…

Now, it’s your turn! How do you think this story will go? Leave a comment with the next installment in the story and let’s see what happens to the puppy!

*Disclaimer: This is not my original idea. I saw it on another blog, but forgot, so if this was your idea, please leave me a comment so I can give you credit for the awesomely fun idea!


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