BSOW: A Glimmer of Hope

Today I’m sharing the ice cream with another mother who has been there. She’s tackling the horrors of puberty. Think soccer moms have it bad? She’ll teach you a thing or two about hockey moms. She’s holding down the trenches in the face of tweenhood. She’s in the know on sibling rivalry. She’s been given the low down on her mommy coolness factor. She simply doesn’t do hugs.

She keeps “life in the fast lane. A working mom to three busy children whom are navigating their way through tweenhood, boyhood, and preschool.” She claims that if she didn’t laugh, she would probably cry.

So, exactly who is this super fabulous Scoop of the Week? It’s none other than Heather, the Making It Work Mom!!


I asked Heather if she could have lunch with anyone, who would it be and why? Her beautiful answer is below:

If I could have lunch with anyone I would fast forward 15 years and have lunch with my oldest daughter.  She would be 26.  I wouldn’t need to know all the nitty gritty details of her life.  I certainly want some things to be a surprise.  Like I don’t want to know if she has children or is married or really even where she lives.  I would like for some things to be surprises.

Maybe we don’t even need a full lunch, a quick coffee might do the trick.  We could just talk shoes and about the latest person to be voted off Big Brother.

I need to know that we can have a conversation.
I need to know that the parenting I am doing now, while she is 11, is actually going to work. 
I need to know that I am not messing her up too much. 
I need to know that even though she may roll her eyes at me, fuss about how mean I am, and stomp out after our conversations more times than I can count we will be okay. 
I need to know that at 26 she feels like she can lean on me and that I, at 53, will feel connected enough to her to be confident and supportive of all her endeavors.
It is hard parenting a tween and more often than not I really feel like I am blowing it. 
If I could just have a glimpse into the future and know that my tween is not going to remain bitter, spiteful, and moody. 
If I could just be reassured that there is the slightest chance that in the future my every word might not annoy her.
Just a little itty bitty glimmer of hope would be fantastic.

Have a great weekend, y’all. Don’t forget to stop by My Write Side and catch up on your reading. There are new excerpts to all three of my serials over there, plus a creepy camera and a talking shoe.

Heather holds down the poop on Monday, so please make sure to stop back by and show her some love.

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