Guest Blog: Blue & Writer’s Block

Ever wonder what happens if my guests ever find themselves with a case of writer’s block? Guess what. Theresa of One Woman Show is here to tell you ALL about her brush with it….

Blue and Writer’s Block
“For your guest post, your prompt is a single word: Blue. Whatever you think of is absolutely fine,” I read in an email from The Drama Mama.
“That should be easy enough,” I thought as I assumed something brilliant would come to me.
But as the days passed, I continued to draw a complete blank of inspiration from this single word writing assignment.
I started digging for obvious themes that reminded me of the word “Blue”.
Well, there’s….
Blue, the primary color Although, I didn’t care for this color growing up.  I liked orange. Now THERE’S a color….if only the assignment had been called “Orange”, but that’s cheating.
Blue Cheesehmmm, yeah I hate blue cheese dressing…..
Blue BirdsI was a campfire girl and in the first grade we were called Blue Birds.  I was forced to quit though after the first grade because my mother quit being the Blue Bird leader.
Blueberries – I don’t like the texture of blueberries and pick them out of my Starbucks yogurt parfait.
Blueis the name of an album by Jodi Mitchell.  I do not own this album. Moving on.
Blue as in Sad I don’t read depressing blogs and I don’t write them either.
The Ocean is Blueand if I hadn’t snoozed my way through my oceanography class last semester, I could tell you why…
Blue Book – this is what pops up first when you Google the word “Blue”. Yes, I was that desperate for inspiration.
Blue Waffle – this also pops up in a Google search, and it does not mean what you think it means! Disgusting!!!
Bruises are Black and Blue – and wouldn’t this be the perfect topic about a girl who got in a lot of fights growing up? That would not be me.  Can’t we all just get along?
Blue Moon –is a song that reminds me of a scene in the movie GREASE where three high school boys show their bums on camera.
Selsun Blue – but can I write a whole blog on dandruff?
Blue State – as in my native California, but I don’t care much for politics.
Blue Shield/Cross – yes, let me write about health insurance! Zzzzzzzz…
And finally….
“You take the Blue pill, the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe…”Morpheus.
Don’t mind if I do. Gulp.
Did you miss her feature? No worries. It’s right here

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