BSOW: The Cat Whisperer

It’s time to share the ice cream. Today’s feature is a single woman, without kids, with a great blog. She’s got an interesting story to tell, and I am SOO honored to be sharing my scoops with her. She’s learned how reputation isn’t always a bad thing. She’s kissed Pete Sampras. She’s taken back her youth if only for a night. She has an unexpected night of Golden Girl hell. She turns a simple beach trip into an adventure not for the feint of heart.

Who is this week’s super star? It’s none other than Theresa, the One Woman Show!!

I asked Theresa: If you died and were reincarnated as an animal, what would you be and why?

Her response:

That’s easy.  A cat.
Just the other day I decided to go for a walk in my neighborhood and I was hoping to run into some friendly outdoor kitties and get my feline fix since I can’t have animals in my apartment building.
Within a one block radius, I made eye contact with three house cats and they all came running off their front porches and greeted me.  I sat on the sidewalk and gave them some love. They knew they could trust me. 
Call me a cat-whisperer!
For I am one of them.

Come back on Monday for her fabulous guest post. Have a great weekend!!


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