BSOW: Slayer Girl

I hope y’all are ready because this is a holiday weekend. That’s not anything out of the ordinary here, because you know I’ll share my ice cream on Christmas. So, why do I think y’all need to be ready? Because today’s Best Scoop of the Week will make you laugh so hard, you will hurt yourself and need to be taken to the ER stat. She hasn’t quite learned the art of reading between the lines. She’s not afraid to call herself out. She give tribute in memoriam where tribute is due. She’s even got the balls to take on the infallible Gwyneth Paltrow not once but TWICE.

So exactly who is this week’s BSOW? I’m sure you all know of her. She is the outrageous funny tell-it-like-it-is Suniverse!!

And she is here today to tell you all about who she would be for one day. Check it out:

If you could be anyone else for a day, who would you be and why?
Anyone? Oooooh, delicious.  I would pick Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  The t.v. one, not the movie one.  And not Sarah Michelle Gellar, although she is lovely.  Buffy the character. 
Weird? Sure.  But here’s why:
  • Super power-type abilities to heal quickly.  This is quite helpful when you tend to cut yourself and scratch yourself and bruise yourself on a regular basis merely by existing on this planet.
  • An excellent group of friends interested in helping me wipe out evil. It’s always great to know that friends have got your back, whether you’re up against gang of vampires or a group of evil geniuses or a weird swimming pool monster.  Or dealing with those bastards who cut in front of you while you’re waiting in line somewhere.  They are a special kind of evil.
  • Three words: Sex with Spike.  Wow.  I need a minute.
  • Needling Giles.  How fun would that be? SO FUN.
  • I’d say making it with Angel, but he looks way too young for me, so I’ll just age him up to his Booth character on Bones, and everyone’s happy.
  • Back flips.  I’ve always wanted to do those.
  • Saving the world. A lot.
I think I’d make an excellent Buffy, and even if it was only for one day, I’d totally make it count by having sex with Spike, needling Giles, having sex with Spike, wiping out an uber-vampire, having sex with Spike and doing several back flips.  It’d be a busy day, but worth it.
Guess what? She will be holding down the fort on Monday while I’m out enjoying fireworks telling you all about independence. Have a great holiday weekend, and please be safe. 

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