>Guest Blog: Simon Says

>Kelley’s Family Jewels is back after her Friday feature to guest post today. It’s all yours, Kelley!!

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Do you watch American Idol?  I did watch the first couple seasons; but really lost interest after that. What I did love, were the bloopers; the bad singers.
What is it about people that draw them to making a fool of them elves on National TV?  
I wonder how bad singers get to the public? I mean most people don’t tend to willfully make fools of themselves on National TV. For each of those bad singers, Simon told them in no uncertain terms how horrible they were and they were genuinely stupefied.
I kept waiting for one of them to say that “yah, I know I stink; but I’m on Idol baby!”
Shoot up the rock and roll sign and say “Elvis has left the building.”
I used to sing in the church choir when I was little, I thought I rocked.  Oh, yes; I
was a superstar at Christmas.  My mom said I was great.  The choir instructor said I was great. That must make it true.
So,   the million dollar question is how did I not end up being one of those stupefied singers bum rushed from AI?
Now that I look back on it, while telling me I was great, my mom also encouraged me to “always try new things.”  Since I know I can’t carry a tune in a bucket (with two hands and six friends).  I am sure I was a super baddie back then and everyone was just being polite.  (It was church for goodness sake; who going to tell a little kid in a cute white robe with gold stitching, she stinks?)
No one, that’s who.
Never did I put the two and two together.  I kept singing in the choir, thinking I was a rock star and tried new things. Eventually, I realized singing was not my strong point, the choir was very ‘sad’ to see me go and I left under the illusion of a retiring Diva. I’m thinking that was a much better way to go than hearing it from Simon.

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